The National Basketball Association is undoubtedly the most popular professional basketball organization in the world, and its teams currently operate in the United States and Canada (only one team belongs to Canada, the Toronto Raptors). The NBA has thirty basketball teams who are owned by independent investors. There are two conferences in the NBA: Western Conference and Eastern Conference. Within each of the previously mentioned conferences, there are three divisions, so six divisions in total, which are classified from two conferences.

At the end of the year, there is a sixteen-team playoff system. Out of the fifteen teams in each conference, there are eight different “seeds,” which are essentially rankings of the basketball teams. The best team assumes the number one seed, and the eighth best team is named the number eight seed. The number one seed is matched up against the eighth in the first round; second seed with seventh seed; etc., and the teams play a best-of-seven series.

After the first round, there is a round of eight (four teams in each conference), which again play best-of-seven series. The next round, called the Western or Eastern Conference Final, takes place between the two best teams in each of the conferences. After that, the NBA Finals takes place.

The National Basketball Association has had the potential to become the profound success it is today due mainly in part to the unlimited financing teams can receive. Nearly all NBA teams are worth more than a billion dollars, and some are worth several billion dollars: the most expensive team, the Lakers, has been estimated by some to be worth in excess of $4 billion.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a great example of an investor who greatly transformed the value of an NBA team through smart business decisions, talent acquisitions, and creation of chemistry in the team’s locker room. Mr. Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks, which went all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals this year. The Atlanta Hawks are known for stars such as Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague, who nearly beat the Cavaliers this year in the ECF.

Mr. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks for around half of a billion dollars, and sold it for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars – talk about a hefty profit! Owners of NBA teams have lots of freedom in building their team, employees, and all other aspects of a team. Owning an NBA team isn’t exactly easy, and it definitely isn’t cheap.

The National Basketball Association features players from all around the world, although most of the do come from the United States (after all, the Untied States plays better basketball than any other country in the entire world), but such stars as Dirk Nowitzki and Manu Ginobili hail from Europe, and Tim Duncan is from the Virgin Islands.

The NBA provides many families and friends with nearly endless entertainment throughout a season, especially during the playoffs. The playoffs usually last a little over a month, and is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States.

As far back as colonial times, Brazil has been a rich source of forest products. Exotic and beautiful hardwoods were harvested in abundance, usually with no consideration for forestry management or environmental concerns. Coastal access and rivers for transportation made Brazil’s forests easy to exploit.

One of the companies helping to change this picture, Eucatex, started out in the 1920s. They manufactured and sold panels and tiles made from the eucalyptus tree. Its natural oils made it extremely durable, it was fast growing, and remains one of the tallest types of trees. Leveraging these properties, Eucatex grew quickly. In a decade they had already expanded to Europe. By the 1980s, four facilities had opened and the product line had grown to include doors, wall partitions and panels – all connected in one way or another to eucalyptus wood.

As Brazil modernized, Eucatex continued expand, eventually adding a variety of products to their operations, including paints, vinyl flooring and even aluminum event flooring. But there was always an eye toward sustainability and a tie to forestry. In particular, Eucatex products often have a mix of recycled and “virgin” fibers. They also supply eucalyptus seedlings. These are developed in company-owned nurseries using the latest cloning and hybridization techniques to produce a hardy, vibrant line. Seedlings are used for reforestation and tree farming with an eye toward sustainability.

Flavio Maluf has been heading the company since 2005, after working as an executive there for more than a decade. He brings a technical education – bachelor’s in mechanical engineering – along with additional training in business and forestry. Under Flavio’s tenure, Eucatex has opened a new facility in Brazil and expanded their market by 30%. Flavio continues to seek growth opportunities while keeping a close eye on sustainability issues. His stewardship has produced a model for what it means to be an environmentally responsible corporation.

Why eucalyptus? This fast-growing tree produces a natural insecticide, making it ideal in a tropical climate. The tree tolerates high ground moisture, and can be used to reclaim low-lying swampy areas. This land would otherwise be unusable for agriculture or forestry. The wood produced is reliably of good quality and because of the oils, is resistant to rot. Lower costs to produce mean eucalyptus veneers can be used as filler in wood laminate products. Sheets of the material are often sold as a laminate filler layer for plywood and other pressed-wood products. The eucalyptus becomes the inner layer of the wood sandwich, with higher priced woods on the outer, visible surfaces.

Eucatex is expected to continue to expand operations, despite competition from artificial materials. Natural-grown wood has advantages that petroleum derived replacements do not – chiefly price and sustainability. The outlook is good for Eucatex and their CEO, Flavio Maluf.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is considered a specialist in framework projects. His educational background is substantial and aligns right in with the position he holds. Felipe Montoro Jens has earned an undergraduate degree while attending Getulio Vargas Foundation, and then he went on to earn a graduate degree as he attended Thunderbird School of Global Management. As an expert dealing with framework earlier in his career, he was responsible for helping the government find a better way to remove waste while becoming profitable and accountable financially. Mr. Jens is known for using all his experiences to build business relationships and impact the lives of those around him. Visit to learn more.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has over 25 years of experience dealing with international enterprises. His strong academic background and impressive resume made him the ideal candidate to be a part of the Public-Private Partnership surnamed PPP. The PPP is responsible for developing and constructing over 33,000 new housing units in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The plan is for the Metropolitan Housing, financed by the PPP, to take 6 years to complete creating an estimated 100,000 careers and/or jobs. Mr. Hens is excited about this project occurring in Sao Paulo, Brazil, because this will actually be the first city to receive funds from PPP for the creation of a housing project in Brazil.

As the housing projects are being built, so must roads, schools, daycares, and etc. What this mean for Sao Paulo is that the local, privately owned companies will receive contrasts. This will allow Sao Paulo to grow from the inside out thanks to the PPP. The job of the Public-Private Partnership is to build meaningful, trustworthy relationships between private and public sectors while optimizing job creation and economic growth. Felipe Montoro Jens is behind the scenes giving advice and coaching, trying to make sure everything is on point. He knows there is no room for error when you have reached this point. Mr. Jens is now looking towards the future, because he understands if the project goes well then the market will open up to industrial growth; as well as more trade options in the stock market. Brazil has been through a lot economically, but this might be what they need in order to recover economically.



In Brazil, if you’re going to be going to court, you need a lawyer to represent you. The reason for this is because there are too many problems that can happen if you represent yourself in a Brazilian court of law. A lot of regular people lose their case because they do not have the right attorney to help them out. This is why you need to research who is available in your area and who you might want to hire for this specific need. Once you hire the right attorney, it is just a matter of allowing them to help you out and get you the legal aid that you require.

One of the best lawyers in Brazil is known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has been working for years with a number of different clients, so he is an attorney you can trust to get the job done. If you need a professional lawyer who has gone to school extensively to benefit the field, you need to consider Ricardo Tosto and have him work on the case that will benefit you. Whether you are the one who is going to court and opening a case or you have been sued by someone else, Ricardo Tosto can help you and see you through to the end of the case that you have open.

You can contact Ricardo Tosto to find out more about the services he offers as well as the prices associated with hiring his office for help. He will also work with your case and get it filed into the court system for you so that this is not something you’re going to have to figure out how to do on your own. There are lots of good reasons to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself, and the fact that you have a good professional who has worked with hundreds of clients in the past is why so many seek him out. You will enjoy the work he has been able to do for so many others and what he is able to do for you as well.

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Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold that was started in 2008. Bernardo is a well-known network-marketing executive globally. He designed the Organo Gold using vital ingredients for a business model in network marketing. Organo Gold Company is known for sales in premium products designed to enhance the lifestyle tea, coffee, and dietary supplement varieties together with OGX, a body management product. The company is based in Vancouver, Columbia. It started with a vision of bringing Ganoderma, a herb used in Asia as a medicinal and later grew wider in providing global beverages. More products began being launched like the premium teas and dietary supplements. Organo Gold sells products to clients through an independent distributor or directly from their online shop websites. Visit SlideShare to know more.

A great ways of being part of this great family is becoming a retail customer who begins receiving monthly shipments as an independent distributor. The popularity of these Organo Gold products keeps growing each time in the world where the company has established consistent sales in over 50 countries. This is a clear indication that the company is committed to producing good products and build a solid distribution network. Their strategy is distributing and ensuring a compensation structure that generously rewards the distributors as well as promoting teamwork. Along the distribution, the company avails extensive training program through the online platform to equip new distributors to ensure that they succeed and remain seasoned in the business.

Bernardo Chua is a well-known personnel in the direct sale industry which has put his efforts in the production of tea, coffee, and other products introducing individuals to the world with Ganoderma. Bernardo is behind the success of some two companies where he played a very critical role in Gano Excel and where he currently serves at Organo Gold. His role in the industry has brought Ganoderma into various parts of the world like the Philippines and North American market. He was the first individual in the herb market with coffee and tea products. Bernardo is the most prominent businessperson recognized with various awards. He works with the best organic Ganoderma producers that are all over the world. This allows him to provide quality goods with a perfect price tag. Learn more:


Ted Bauman is an editor, publisher and investment strategies consultant. He currently writes for Bunyan Hill Publishing and serves as editor of several newsletters. Ted Bauman has spent many decades teaching people how to better manage their finances and build wealth. His father, Robert Bauman, is a former U.S. Congressman.

Bauman left the U.S. for South Africa in his early twenties. He received degrees in History and Economics from the University of Capetown. For decades, he held several executive posts in South Africa’s nonprofit sector. Slum Dwellers International is a company he founded. It has helped over 14 million people in 35 countries obtain low-income housing.

In the 2000s, he began writing and researching about housing and finance for the United Nations and the World Bank. Upon his return to the United States in 2008, he began working for Habitat for Humanity as Director of International Housing. He left five years later to concentrate of writing and researching full time. Visit for more info.

His international writing work has taken him all over the globe. He has visited over 75 countries during his travels to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. His travels taught him a great deal about finances and why it’s never wise to place all of your eggs in one basket. He has found it safer and more profitable to scatter his savings around to different countries.

Since countries have different rules and regulations regarding healthcare, investing and purchasing property, Bauman has advised his clients to use a wide array of personal solutions to enrich their lives.

Readers are encouraged to read Bauman’s free newsletter The Sovereign Investor Daily. It has a wealth of investment strategies to help investors of all levels. He is also a contributor to the international Small Enterprise Development and the Cape Times.

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Kevin Seawright is the managing partner and CEO of RPS Solutions LLC a real estate development company that offers affordable homes in Baltimore, Maryland. He earned his master’s degree in business administration from Almeda University and studied executive leadership at the University of Notre Dame. His company helps people obtain mortgages and purchase homes in the community. They promote a safer lifestyle and equal opportunities for home ownership. He has a held a diverse range of executive positions in prominent organizations. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

Furthermore, he has worked for the City of Baltimore as a payroll director and managing fiscal offer where he handled payroll budgets and the state budget. He worked for the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks as the chief financial officer and provided fiscal management. He served as the vice president and chief operating officer for the Baltimore City Government and coordinated the operating, state and city capital budget. He was the deputy chief operating officer, finance and property director for the Baltimore City Government and the operations vice president for Tito Contractors a property management company for his Community.

Additionally, he was the executive director of operations for the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and provided strategic and financial planning to the organization. He served as the executive vice president and chief financial officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and provided his expertise in real estate and property management. He is now contributing to the development of his community and has implemented Belvedere Square, Randallstown and Perring Loch. He has also developed Parkville, West Edmondale and there are more projects on the horizon.

RPS Solutions has built these homes to offer affordable living arrangements to residents and give them comfortable homes. These communities were formed to help people increase their financial status and revamp neighborhoods. They are geared towards helping families, seniors and people with disabilities have a better quality of life.

Kevin Seawright is a dedicated community planner and has enhanced the lives of many people. He is doing his best to ensure Baltimore offers affordable homes to residents and cultivating a fair housing market. Read more:


Businesses have this stigma of being greedy or corrupt in their exploits and conquest of wealth. Not all but the majority are viewed under the lens of skepticism. They are thought to be only generous when it to trying to get the masses to buy into something. There is one company that not only has given back to the community but has actively sought to make the world a better place. This company has done this under the direction of a noble man, Sheldon Levin.

Sheldon Levin is the chief executive Officer at OSI Group LLC. He also holds the position of chairman in the same company. His very vast knowledge of the business world and food processing industry has lead to marvelous results for OSI group. In 1970 Sheldon was developing his industry knowledge and started doing financing work for Otto & Sons which in time turned into OSI. Levin’s influence has caused the company to go from domestic to international and has over 60 plants in over 60 countries. Sheldon in fact, to this day is over the sections in Europe and Asia. OSI is now a billion-dollar global food processing juggernaut of a company. Mr. Lavin went to the University of Illinois and Northwestern University studying accounting and finance and later got his Bachelor of Science degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago. These experiences truly gave him the tools to make OSI into what it is today. He influenced he company to take a clean environmental stance. The company not only does good business, but they supply a hefty amount of jobs all over the world for which Sheldon Levin was given the Global Visionary Award. OSI produces a variety of products like vegetables, poultry, fish, meat products, and specialized dough products.

Sheldon Levin stresses the importance of healthy growth and good diversity. He tries his best to give the company a family like culture because he believes it is imperative to succeed. He also wants to influence the younger generations to do their business the correct way with a clean environmental awareness. He wants them to follow his example of doing business while helping the world by giving jobs and expanding the economy. Levin is involved in a multitude of charities like the Ronald McDonald house. This man exemplifies what its all about. Investing and giving back when one is in an advantageous and pivotal position.

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Ted Bauman is a member of Banyan Hill Publishing and the editor of various financial newsletters, ranging from Plan B Club and The Bauman Letter, to Alpha Stock Alert. At the firm Banyan Hill, which he joined in 2013, Bauman chose to specialize in privacy, asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. One of the advisory services which he is the editor for, Alpha Stock Alert, is known as a leader in the industry due to its accurate callouts of the stock market. It has been known to beat the S&P 500 index 10 times over the past decade. On top of this Bauman’s Alpha Stock Alert has been known to have a 585% return when compared to the 57% of the S&P 500’s. Furthermore, it boasts the fact that it has not has a losing year in over a decade, even throughout the period which comprised of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Overall Bauman has built a reputation in the finance world due to his investment-based newsletters and advisory services such as The Bauman Letter which have accurately predicted stock trends to aid investors in their pursuit of wealth. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg.

Bauman is a very active individual when it comes to finance and investment strategy. He comes from schooling at The State University of New York, where he got his B.S. in business administration. In addition to this Bauman attended The University of Cape Town and got his MBA in finance from Georgia State University. Ted Bauman has commented on many things ranging from bitcoin, to tax law and general tax tips, to global emerging markets, as due to his finance background he is knowledgeable in these subjects. When speaking on bitcoin he discusses a major flaw with the cryptocurrency, being the time that it takes for a transaction to be processed due to the time associated with mining a ledger. He analytically determined that due to this speed deficit in the transaction of bitcoin, that the cryptocurrency would not survive, being that it abides by its current trends. In speaking on tax tips, he gives his readers numerous tips in order to maximize money during the tax seasons. He gives tips such as to prepay 2018’s mortgage interest and property taxes before the end of 2017 in order to be able to do things such as deduct both years’ expenses when the tax returns are filed in April. Finally, his extensive knowledge concerning global emerging markets is eminent in predicting stock trends such as that of iShares MSCI South Africa ETF, which experienced a 13 percent gain compared to that of 2.5 percent of the S&P 500 index.  Check This Article:


Matt Badiali is the editor of S&A Resource Report, a monthly publication that helps investors make decisions regarding stocks in natural resources. Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. While working on his PhD from the University of North Carolina, he was introduced to the world of finance by a close friend who thought his scientific background would prove invaluable in helping to guide average investors who were looking to get into the natural resources market. Since then, Matt has become one of the leading natural resource experts in the investment industry, specializing in knowledge of energy and metals. Matt has recently brought his expertise to Banyan Hill Publishing as its natural resource expert. Matt’s success in the industry is due not only to his extensive knowledge but also to his hands-on approach to his work. He has been on site at mining operations worldwide talking to local experts. He discloses the results of these travels in the Banyan Hill Publication Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter that guides readers in investing in oil, metals, agricultural commodities and construction materials. Matt Badiali also helps investors make decisions in the acquisition of Freedom Checks. According to Matt Badiali, a Freedom Check is a “dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” These checks trade like normal stocks and are great for investors. Matt helps investors wade through the waters and identify which companies are the best.

The Return of the Zinc Bull:

Recently, Matt has become vocal about the investment opportunities in the zinc market. He has predicted that zinc would soon recover from recent low trading trends and enter into a bull market. With the possibility of as much as a 500% gain, a zinc bull market could make investors a fortune, and quickly. Matt has commented that the last zinc bull market that lasted from 2002 to 2006 could soon return and with similar gains. With the track record and knowledge to back up his claims, those who take Matt’s advice could soon see a massive windfall. Zinc consumption continues to grow and is critical in uses ranging from a standard nail to the cars you see on the road every day. It provides the shiny coating you often see on galvanized metal and is instrumental in the production of sunscreen. It is a metal that is often overlooked but its rally can provide investors with great exposure to the natural resources industry as well as an amazing wealth generating opportunity. Read:


Are you looking for information about Igor Cornelsen or how he can help you invest wisely? Want to learn from someone who is well versed in investing? Igor is a highly respected investment professional and many people turn to him to advice and guidance.

If you are looking for a reliable or reputable investment professional, check out Igor. When it comes to enlisting the services of an investment or financial planning firm or professional, it is imperative to find someone who has a proven track record in the industry. Visit to learn more.

Igor Cornelsen is a leading Brazilian investing professional and successful entrepreneur. Igor has a good understanding of the investment and money management fields and comes highly recommended. He has helped numerous people get started in investing and attain great success. He also helps experienced investors who turn to him for assistance in growing their portfolio.

Igor worked in banking for many years before he decided to get involved in investing and has been doing very well. He has worked with many experts in the field and is fully committed to helping ambitious individuals invest wisely and take their ventures to the next level.

Investing can be very profitable for an entrepreneur who knows what works and how to apply effective strategies and techniques. It is crucial to pick a lucrative investment vehicle or opportunity and follow the proven path. That’s where Igor can help – to render the top notch advisory service you need to succeed.

Igor stresses on the value of proper research and having a thorough understanding of the basics of investment and financial planning before getting started in the industry. Igor also highlights some of the most important steps a beginner should take before deciding on the best opportunity or investment vehicle to choose.

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The name Jeff Yastine is widely recognized due to his investigative work for the Nightly Business Report that earned him an Emmy nomination. His career as a financial journalist is built around his ability to discover the truth. He has spoken with Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell and Herb Kelleher as well as numerous prominent personalities. Jeff Yastine currently serves the Total Wealth Insider as the editor. He locates stocks most people miss because they are under the radar. These stocks are on the verge of rising in value. See more of Jeff Yastine at

Jeff Yastine’s father was the first SEC Chairman. He learned the importance of the stock market when he was very young. He knew Americans needed to invest for the stock market to move. For this reason he started his work in the 1960’s on a program to get America moving. This would benefit the investors and companies by placing billions into American businesses. The result of this endeavor is known as the Kennedy Accounts.

Samuel Murphy is a postal worker who reaped a payout of $60,000 on an investment of $45. A retired couple located in Connecticut earned almost $100,000 off their $122 investment. Denise Wilks is an IRS agent who now has $10 million due to her investment of $1,841. Jeff Yastine released a video showing how a Kennedy Account could turn an investment of $500 into a windfall of $1.19 million. Many people instinctively called these number a scam but the Kennedy Accounts are real..

The Kennedy Accounts enable investors to place their money directly into businesses with a DSPP or Direct Stock Purchase Plan. This type of stock purchase is currently accepted by 449 companies. Wall Street is trying to hide the Kennedy Accounts because they have been eliminated from the scenario. The stocks are handled by the company so the fees, middleman and broker are effectively eliminated. Wall Street relies on millions of dollars in commissions and fees so it is understandable they do not want investors aware of this opportunity.

The investors receive a discount by purchasing the stock directly from the business. This discount is as high as five percent. Wall Street began lobbying the SEC and Congress right after the Kennedy Accounts were created. They spent $1.5 million every day to hide these accounts but Jess Yastine already knew about the Kennedy Accounts. They still exist but most investors are unaware of the opportunity due to the tactics of Wall Street. The bottom line is the Kennedy Accounts are quite real and definitely not a scam.