The National Basketball Association is undoubtedly the most popular professional basketball organization in the world, and its teams currently operate in the United States and Canada (only one team belongs to Canada, the Toronto Raptors). The NBA has thirty basketball teams who are owned by independent investors. There are two conferences in the NBA: Western Conference and Eastern Conference. Within each of the previously mentioned conferences, there are three divisions, so six divisions in total, which are classified from two conferences.

At the end of the year, there is a sixteen-team playoff system. Out of the fifteen teams in each conference, there are eight different “seeds,” which are essentially rankings of the basketball teams. The best team assumes the number one seed, and the eighth best team is named the number eight seed. The number one seed is matched up against the eighth in the first round; second seed with seventh seed; etc., and the teams play a best-of-seven series.

After the first round, there is a round of eight (four teams in each conference), which again play best-of-seven series. The next round, called the Western or Eastern Conference Final, takes place between the two best teams in each of the conferences. After that, the NBA Finals takes place.

The National Basketball Association has had the potential to become the profound success it is today due mainly in part to the unlimited financing teams can receive. Nearly all NBA teams are worth more than a billion dollars, and some are worth several billion dollars: the most expensive team, the Lakers, has been estimated by some to be worth in excess of $4 billion.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a great example of an investor who greatly transformed the value of an NBA team through smart business decisions, talent acquisitions, and creation of chemistry in the team’s locker room. Mr. Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks, which went all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals this year. The Atlanta Hawks are known for stars such as Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague, who nearly beat the Cavaliers this year in the ECF.

Mr. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks for around half of a billion dollars, and sold it for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars – talk about a hefty profit! Owners of NBA teams have lots of freedom in building their team, employees, and all other aspects of a team. Owning an NBA team isn’t exactly easy, and it definitely isn’t cheap.

The National Basketball Association features players from all around the world, although most of the do come from the United States (after all, the Untied States plays better basketball than any other country in the entire world), but such stars as Dirk Nowitzki and Manu Ginobili hail from Europe, and Tim Duncan is from the Virgin Islands.

The NBA provides many families and friends with nearly endless entertainment throughout a season, especially during the playoffs. The playoffs usually last a little over a month, and is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States.

As far back as colonial times, Brazil has been a rich source of forest products. Exotic and beautiful hardwoods were harvested in abundance, usually with no consideration for forestry management or environmental concerns. Coastal access and rivers for transportation made Brazil’s forests easy to exploit.

One of the companies helping to change this picture, Eucatex, started out in the 1920s. They manufactured and sold panels and tiles made from the eucalyptus tree. Its natural oils made it extremely durable, it was fast growing, and remains one of the tallest types of trees. Leveraging these properties, Eucatex grew quickly. In a decade they had already expanded to Europe. By the 1980s, four facilities had opened and the product line had grown to include doors, wall partitions and panels – all connected in one way or another to eucalyptus wood.

As Brazil modernized, Eucatex continued expand, eventually adding a variety of products to their operations, including paints, vinyl flooring and even aluminum event flooring. But there was always an eye toward sustainability and a tie to forestry. In particular, Eucatex products often have a mix of recycled and “virgin” fibers. They also supply eucalyptus seedlings. These are developed in company-owned nurseries using the latest cloning and hybridization techniques to produce a hardy, vibrant line. Seedlings are used for reforestation and tree farming with an eye toward sustainability.

Flavio Maluf has been heading the company since 2005, after working as an executive there for more than a decade. He brings a technical education – bachelor’s in mechanical engineering – along with additional training in business and forestry. Under Flavio’s tenure, Eucatex has opened a new facility in Brazil and expanded their market by 30%. Flavio continues to seek growth opportunities while keeping a close eye on sustainability issues. His stewardship has produced a model for what it means to be an environmentally responsible corporation.

Why eucalyptus? This fast-growing tree produces a natural insecticide, making it ideal in a tropical climate. The tree tolerates high ground moisture, and can be used to reclaim low-lying swampy areas. This land would otherwise be unusable for agriculture or forestry. The wood produced is reliably of good quality and because of the oils, is resistant to rot. Lower costs to produce mean eucalyptus veneers can be used as filler in wood laminate products. Sheets of the material are often sold as a laminate filler layer for plywood and other pressed-wood products. The eucalyptus becomes the inner layer of the wood sandwich, with higher priced woods on the outer, visible surfaces.

Eucatex is expected to continue to expand operations, despite competition from artificial materials. Natural-grown wood has advantages that petroleum derived replacements do not – chiefly price and sustainability. The outlook is good for Eucatex and their CEO, Flavio Maluf.

     There is a lot of corruption that goes on in media companies and with the productions that they put on. Not only is this corruption defamatory but it also costs a lot of money for the media company to have to deal with. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero wants to fix the corruption and wants to make sure that he can help people who are in these situations. For Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero to be able to handle the corrupt ideologies of the people who are in the business, he has to try to set a good example for them in his own company.

Grupo Televisa is the perfect company to be setting an example from. It is the largest and most popular Spanish media company in the country that it is in. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the CFO of the company and has worked hard to make sure that he can help people have an understanding of the way that things are able to work for the business. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has tried many different things and is always trying to make sure that he can help people with the issues that they might have.

For Grupo Televisa to be able to improve, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has to make sure that he can do everything possible to help other people and to make things better in different situations. He also tries to show people that things will only get better if they all work together. His latest plan is to bring everyone at Grupo Televisa together to fight the corruption in the media. He wants to see the industry cleaned up so that every company will have a chance to be successful with the things that they are hoping to be able to do in the future.

Brazil is known for the numerous lawyers its law schools churn out every year. In fact, it is one of the countries with the highest number of lawyers in the world. Despite this interesting statistic, the legal processes in the country were known to be slow and convoluted, with many cases taking years to resolve. However, things have taken a turn for the better in the country, thanks to lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto who have worked tirelessly to improve its legal systems.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is among the authority figures in the field of law in Brazil. He has always had a passion for law, and from his humble beginnings in a small room from where he practiced law when he was still new in the field, he is now the senior partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros, the biggest law firm in Brazil, which he single-handedly established. He has experience in many fields of law including criminal law, environmental law and business law to mention but a few. Ricardo curved a niche for himself in mass litigation, which many law firms in Brazil avoided because of the technicalities involved and the fear of crossing paths with the wrong people and learn more about Ricardo.

Ricardo Tosto has provided excellent leadership to Leite, Tosto and Barros ever since it was established. The firm is known for the high quality of services it provides and its customer first approach to dealing with any issues. Ricardo has instilled in his employees the values of commitment and resilience, which are what have enabled him to come this far. His legal expertise is unmatched in the industry, and it is no wonder his opinion is often sought on issues of national importance.


It is the likes of Ricardo Tosto who have helped improve the field of law in Brazil. His contribution to the country as a whole cannot go unnoticed. He helped in the formation and implementation of laws that have had a significant impact on Brazil’s economy. It is Ricardo’s commitment to excellence that has seen him make such a big name for himself in Brazil and more information click here.

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Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Finance in the year 1980. He later joined the University of Denver Graduate where he undertook a Tax Program. Mr.Autterson’ s successful career began at First Trust Corporation but he left in 1982 for new Colorado State chartered trust company which became a subsidiary of a company called Integrated Resources Inc based in New York-based. He later, in 1986 her became the leader of Resources Trust Company. Three years later the company he was president over, Resources Trust Company, was acquired by Broad Inc which at the time also acquired other assets also owned by Intergrated Resources Inc. Broad Inc would later change its name to SunAmerica which was later acquired by AIG close to 12 years after Matthew Autterson was named president of the formely known Resources Trust Company.

Matthew Autterson is currently a member of the Board of Directors of a non-profit organisation based in the United States known as Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He is also a leader of business community in Colorado. Mr. Matthew has remained very vocal in promoting charitable activities for decades now. Matthew has also played a key role in promoting charitable while serving at the Board of the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Hospice.

In all of these roles, Matthew has consistently supported and contributed towards elimination of human suffering and has indeed touched the lives of many disadvantaged people in the society. For instance, at Falci Adaptive Biosystems, where Mr. Autterson continues to play a key leadership role, the company uses technology to ensure enhance improvement in the lives of disabled patients by ensuring that the disabled effectively control automobiles and wheelchairs wherever they go be it at going about their work at home or at their places of employment. This has a gone a long way towards improving the way disable people operate in their day to day lives.

Matthew Auterson has in the past given his contributions in terms of mentorship and contributed positively towards the Young Presidents Organization as well as the World Presidents Organization where he greatly contributed towards youth leadership and as a result is viewed and looked up to by many young people as a mentor.

Mr. Matthew is currently the overall lead at CNS Bioscience Inc which is a drug development company that focusses on the treatment of neuropathic pain. Under his very able leadership, this company continues to offer relieve to millions of people across the world who need the much need relieve from neuropathic pain and other effects associated with the deadly illness. Mr. Matthew plays a key role in CNS Bioscience Inc where is is currently the President, Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member of the said company


Real estate is a hot industry in Brazil right now. Prices are appreciating in many areas, and banks are willing to lend money to investors. José Auriemo Neto is one of the leading business leaders in real estate today. As the CEO of JHSF, he has a lot of resources at his disposal.

He is currently working on several commercial real estate projects. Commercial real estate is different from residential real estate in several ways. Not only is the construction process longer, but there is more risk in each deal as well.

Starting Out

The real estate market has always been volatile in Brazil. When José Auriemo Neto started in the industry, prices were falling and interest rates were high. This was a difficult time to start in the industry and make money. However, José Auriemo Neto was able to learn a lot of great lessons during these hard times.

He started working for a real estate company after attempting to start his own business. He quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder because of his great work ethic.


Being CEO of a major company is hard work. José Auriemo Neto believes in the future of the company. He is a strong proponent of paying employees well and giving them great benefits.

He believes that his company can help change the future of Brazil. JHSF is already involved in many government projects to stimulate economic growth. In the future, José Auriemo Neto wants to be involved in more of these opportunities.

Looking ahead, José Auriemo Neto will continue investing in real estate personally and through his business. He is excited about all of the opportunities that are coming in the real estate industry.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC, a famous meat industry. Sheldon began his ventures in this industry over forty-three years ago. Earlier, Sheldon was an expert in finance industry. He has worked in different banks as an executive and later established his financial consulting organization. However, Sheldon’s investment knowledge was not a barrier for him to enter into another sector. In fact, Mr. Sheldon’s past experiences impacted OSI Group with overwhelming and tremendous growth.

Since Sheldon’s leadership expertise in OSI Group, the company has transformed from the little McDonald’scentric supplier of hamburgers into a global supplier of food items to different retail and food services brands. Under Lavin’s guidance, OSI Group contains a variety of subsidiaries including OSI Industries, LLC, OSI International Inc., and OSI International Foods LLC. Each of the subsidiaries supplements the company’s activities. The most influential of the organization’s affiliate is OSI International which accommodates all the global investments made by the corporation. The firm’s employees add up to almost 20,000 employees around the world. According to Sheldon Lavin, the diversity of the workers gives OSI Group unique corporate culture that is capable of promoting workforce longevity and minimal turn over cases.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is actively spearheading OSI Group to further expansion majorly in Europe and Asia. The company has over 55 facilities in sixteen nations. OSI Group has acquired many awards under Lavin’s leadership. The most recognized prizes and services include the Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Global Visionary Award which is often presented by the Vision World Academy of India. The Global Visionary Award honors many visionaries who have realized their dreams in different fields through persistence and perseverance. This award was the fifth present offered by the academy to Sheldon Lavin. Lavin’s recognized accomplishment was guiding OSI Group from a domestic enterprise to a global organization in the food industry.

Sheldon Lavin also heads the OSI-Vista Processor of food which is an OSI part company since 1995. OSI-Vista carries its operations in eight places throughout India. The organization provides custom processing of fruit, vegetables, and meat.

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When it comes to the constitution, Sujit Choudhry has it mastered. Mr. Choudhry attributes his excellent knowledge in constitutional law to the fact that, he has been around the world and has experienced different political environments. As an immigrant, Sujit Choudhry has law degrees from three different countries.

He has studied at Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He founded the Center of Constitution Transitions, which he terms as a tool for effective constitution advice. His experience with other countries outside the U.S. has taught him about the importance of looking at things from other people’s point of view, instead of the common way he is used to in the U.S.

Mr. Choudhry is spearheading three thematic collaborative research projects, which he has partnered with International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional law professional in every sense of the word, and he does not allow setbacks to hinder him from his goals.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is also the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California. He studied at the University of Oxford, where he attained his B.A in law. He also has an LL.B. from the University of Toronto and later attained his LL.M. from Harvard School of Law. He was the first individual of Indian descent, to be named dean of UC Berkeley School of Law. However, he resigned in 2016. With reference from

Career Life

He is not only a household name but an international one as well. He has been termed an expert in comparative constitutional law. He has worked with several countries in the constitution building process. He once worked at the New York University as a Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law. He also served as the chairman at the University of Toronto.  Additional article on

To add to his long list of accomplishment, Sujit Choudhry has published ninety articles, chapters, books and reports in his field. Check his latest written article on Mr. Choudhry is the epitome of success. He has risen from the shackles of being an immigrant to the constitutional law professional he is today.  Continue reading here.

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Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos was born on January 8, 1958. She is the daughter of Edgar Prince, founder of the Prince Corporation. She is married to Dick DeVos who is the former CEO of Amway, a multi-level marketing company and also a former president of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. They have four children together and five grandchildren.She studied in her home town at the Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics from Calvin College. It is during her college life that she got interested in politics. She has been in active politics for over 35 years. Betsy DeVos was elected four times as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She has a proven track record of being an innovator, a leader, a disruptor and an advocate. Betsy DeVos has served the Michigan Republican Party in campaign roles, political action committees, and party organizations.

Betsy DeVos was appointed the 11th U.S. secretary of education by President Donald J. Trump, after confirmation by the U.S. Senate on February 7, 2017. She now focuses her political efforts on reforms that will assist underserved children in America to get access to high-quality education. She has been an outspoken advocate for the use of school vouchers that would enable students to attend private schools with public funding.Betsy DeVos has also been working for the public school’s educational reforms to support the expansion of the charter schools nationally. Betsy was instrumental in developing the Detroit’s charter school system. She has been able to establish a number of political action committees to support these education reform goals.Betsy DeVos and her husband are known for having given away tens of millions of dollars, through their Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which they started in 1989.

This philanthropy foundation mainly focuses on the development of education, arts, leadership, and justice. She has an infinite understanding when it comes to the operations of nonprofit organizations, after having served as chairwoman of the Philanthropy Roundtable, an association that deals with nonprofit professionals and private donors.Betsy DeVos has had a lifelong interest in art, craft, and design. She was even once serving on the Board of Trustees for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts after being nominated by the former President George W. Bush. She and her husband once funded an arts center at the University of Maryland $22.5 million in 2010, to teach fundraising and management techniques to arts managers and board of directors. In honor of this, the center was then renamed DeVos Institute of Arts Management.Betsy DeVos is also a well-known committed environmentalist. She and her husband have been operating the Windquest Group since 1989 in their native state of Michigan. They focus on the development of clean energy and water technology.

The article on Market Watch with the title, “Opinion: Use this simple strategy to profit from choppy summer trading”, talks about a basic strategy for trading during a time of nervousness. This technique is called the “Lock and Walk” trading strategy. In this strategy you have to buy near support, sell near resistance, and if support breaks, you will need to stop out. This strategy can help you profit in a very choppy market and it has worked many times in the past but it is important to remember that past performance does not always guarantee success in the future. It is important to remember that this strategy is not meant for long term possessions and that it is what allows you to profit in a choppy market environment.

NetPicks was founded in 1996 and has helped many individuals and groups receive education and training in trading. The goal of NetPicks is to concentrate on helping regular traders gain success in the stock market in terms of day trading and swing trading. The staff of NetPicks is highly trained and are very experienced with many members having over 20 years of trading in the market and having a very solid education in trading. The entire staff is very determined to help you reach your goals in the stock market and will do everything in their power to help you succeed.  Read related article here. The trading systems at NetPicks are designed with 3 helpful goals: 1. Full-time career, 2. Part-time income, 3. Done in minutes. It is very simple to learn the system and the system was designed to achieve your desired goals.  Learn more about NetPicks, check this interview of Mark Soberman, the founder of NetPicks on

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On the website of NetPicks, there are many videos and trading tips that will benefit you tremendously. Watch one of these videos here.   There are articles that can help you focus better on trading, help you become genuinely motivated in trading and help you make a trade plan for your trading system.

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It’s not hard to see why the OSI Group is one America’s Top 100 Food Companies. Partnering with partners with the world’s leading foodservice and retail food brands the OSI Group has innovation, infrastructure and excellence to provide custom food solutions worldwide. With 60 production facilities in 16 countries, they have provided new, innovative ways to bring their clients the best service in the industry. Safety and quality are top priorities at OSI Group, earning them a hard-earned spot in Forbes 100 America’s Largest Private Companies. In addition, a special emphasis has been placed on sustainability. OSI Group strives to build sustainable, responsible relationships with the communities and the environments we all take part in. Keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental factors in all they do, they are always working to improve sustainability and the impact on the area. These efforts are enforced worldwide and have been recognized by the food industry.

Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois OSI Group has worked diligently to expand its presence and reputation across the globe. Recently, they purchased a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago Illinois after Tyson announced it would be closing the plant to the cost around 480 jobs. At closing it was thought that around 240 employees of Tyson remained, many of whom were offered employment with OSI. The 200,000-square-foot facility allows the group to expand and assist in supporting the infrastructure and growth of the company’s large roster of clients and provide for their extensive and evolving needs. It is the second facility in the Chicago area, adding to the impressive list of facilities in areas such as Geneva and Aurora Illinois, Riverside, California, and West Jordan, Utah. OSI currently over 20,000 people, providing careers and support in these locations and at all of their facilities around the world.

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Students get really confused when reality dawns to them that they are finishing college and they haven’t figured out what they want to do with their lives.

This is exactly what Nathaniel Ru and his friends were feeling when they were about to graduate from Georgetown University. By the time they decided to establish Sweetgreen, they knew nothing about the food industry.

The only thing that they can say they had in common is that they were children of immigrants who had successfully managed to establish companies in the United States. According to Nathaniel Ru, the three gentlemen decided to establish Sweetgreen when they could not find a place to dine on healthy food.

The small business they decided to establish is now a booming business that everyone is talking about. It has opened many branches in the United States. These restaurants can be found in big cities like New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

When venturing out, these gentlemen faced tons of problems including having to deal with a landlord who refused to listen to their idea. Apparently, the landlord of the place they wanted to rent was the landlord of the building they were living in.

This lady refused to accept their calls. On their part, they remained relentless and continued calling the landlord for a month until she decided to listen to their idea.

Initially, they had a scanty business plan that detailed what they wanted to achieve. She convinced them to look for an architect and people who would fund their idea. They only took three weeks to design a good business plan, find an architect and find business people to fund the idea.

Nathaniel Ru who is the chief executive officer of the company says that they have maintained their core values of changing and serving the community around them. He says that the company doesn’t want to turn into a corporate giant and this might be the reason why they don’t have corporate headquarters.

Nathaniel Ru says that the company functions under a win win motto. This is a motto that aims at benefiting everyone associated with the company including employees and the clients.

They also have a motto of keeping it real. This is where the company requires the employees to remain authentic. Sweetgreen obtains its product locally. This has two implications meaning that they can win the confidence of their clients while at the same time supporting the local economy.

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