The National Basketball Association is undoubtedly the most popular professional basketball organization in the world, and its teams currently operate in the United States and Canada (only one team belongs to Canada, the Toronto Raptors). The NBA has thirty basketball teams who are owned by independent investors. There are two conferences in the NBA: Western Conference and Eastern Conference. Within each of the previously mentioned conferences, there are three divisions, so six divisions in total, which are classified from two conferences.

At the end of the year, there is a sixteen-team playoff system. Out of the fifteen teams in each conference, there are eight different “seeds,” which are essentially rankings of the basketball teams. The best team assumes the number one seed, and the eighth best team is named the number eight seed. The number one seed is matched up against the eighth in the first round; second seed with seventh seed; etc., and the teams play a best-of-seven series.

After the first round, there is a round of eight (four teams in each conference), which again play best-of-seven series. The next round, called the Western or Eastern Conference Final, takes place between the two best teams in each of the conferences. After that, the NBA Finals takes place.

The National Basketball Association has had the potential to become the profound success it is today due mainly in part to the unlimited financing teams can receive. Nearly all NBA teams are worth more than a billion dollars, and some are worth several billion dollars: the most expensive team, the Lakers, has been estimated by some to be worth in excess of $4 billion.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a great example of an investor who greatly transformed the value of an NBA team through smart business decisions, talent acquisitions, and creation of chemistry in the team’s locker room. Mr. Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks, which went all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals this year. The Atlanta Hawks are known for stars such as Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague, who nearly beat the Cavaliers this year in the ECF.

Mr. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks for around half of a billion dollars, and sold it for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars – talk about a hefty profit! Owners of NBA teams have lots of freedom in building their team, employees, and all other aspects of a team. Owning an NBA team isn’t exactly easy, and it definitely isn’t cheap.

The National Basketball Association features players from all around the world, although most of the do come from the United States (after all, the Untied States plays better basketball than any other country in the entire world), but such stars as Dirk Nowitzki and Manu Ginobili hail from Europe, and Tim Duncan is from the Virgin Islands.

The NBA provides many families and friends with nearly endless entertainment throughout a season, especially during the playoffs. The playoffs usually last a little over a month, and is one of the most watched sporting events in the United States.

As far back as colonial times, Brazil has been a rich source of forest products. Exotic and beautiful hardwoods were harvested in abundance, usually with no consideration for forestry management or environmental concerns. Coastal access and rivers for transportation made Brazil’s forests easy to exploit.

One of the companies helping to change this picture, Eucatex, started out in the 1920s. They manufactured and sold panels and tiles made from the eucalyptus tree. Its natural oils made it extremely durable, it was fast growing, and remains one of the tallest types of trees. Leveraging these properties, Eucatex grew quickly. In a decade they had already expanded to Europe. By the 1980s, four facilities had opened and the product line had grown to include doors, wall partitions and panels – all connected in one way or another to eucalyptus wood.

As Brazil modernized, Eucatex continued expand, eventually adding a variety of products to their operations, including paints, vinyl flooring and even aluminum event flooring. But there was always an eye toward sustainability and a tie to forestry. In particular, Eucatex products often have a mix of recycled and “virgin” fibers. They also supply eucalyptus seedlings. These are developed in company-owned nurseries using the latest cloning and hybridization techniques to produce a hardy, vibrant line. Seedlings are used for reforestation and tree farming with an eye toward sustainability.

Flavio Maluf has been heading the company since 2005, after working as an executive there for more than a decade. He brings a technical education – bachelor’s in mechanical engineering – along with additional training in business and forestry. Under Flavio’s tenure, Eucatex has opened a new facility in Brazil and expanded their market by 30%. Flavio continues to seek growth opportunities while keeping a close eye on sustainability issues. His stewardship has produced a model for what it means to be an environmentally responsible corporation.

Why eucalyptus? This fast-growing tree produces a natural insecticide, making it ideal in a tropical climate. The tree tolerates high ground moisture, and can be used to reclaim low-lying swampy areas. This land would otherwise be unusable for agriculture or forestry. The wood produced is reliably of good quality and because of the oils, is resistant to rot. Lower costs to produce mean eucalyptus veneers can be used as filler in wood laminate products. Sheets of the material are often sold as a laminate filler layer for plywood and other pressed-wood products. The eucalyptus becomes the inner layer of the wood sandwich, with higher priced woods on the outer, visible surfaces.

Eucatex is expected to continue to expand operations, despite competition from artificial materials. Natural-grown wood has advantages that petroleum derived replacements do not – chiefly price and sustainability. The outlook is good for Eucatex and their CEO, Flavio Maluf.

Andrew has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Ubuntu Fund continues to help disadvantaged children in the society. Through his visionary leadership, the organization has benefited many persons by providing them with healthcare services, education, nutrition and home stability. The entity was founded in 1999 to focus on providing education to needy children. However, they soon realized that these kids wanted more than education. To this end, they expanded their offing.

Recently, the Fund organized a fundraiser in London. The entity managed to surpass their goal of raising £600,000. During the gala dinner, inspiring speeches were made by different persons who had graced the occasion. Sinesipho Rabidyani, who is a beneficiary of the Ubuntu Education Fund, shared her inspiring story with the audience. She said that when she was young, her father used to drink, thus making her to dread going home from school. Owing to this situation, she redoubled her efforts at school and excelled in her examination. This way, she managed to secure the Ubuntu Fund’s scholarship. Today, she is pursing law.

In attendance was the chief executive officer of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief. In his speech, the executive posited that in the past two decades, he had watched how disadvantaged kids in Africa grew up. He saw the need to provide them with better healthcare and nutrition, and empowering their families. Today, the fund is helping over 2,000 needy children living around Port Elizabeth.

The Fund runs a noble program that seeks to take young disadvantaged children and provide them with childhood support. When they become teenagers, they are provided with vocational training that educates them on financial matters. The Fund has succeeded in reducing HIV transmission. In addition, ninety percent of the Ubuntu Education Fund’s scholars are pursuing their studies in prestigious universities.

Andrew Rolfe

As the chairman of the Fund, Andrew Rolfe has played an integral role in augmenting the operations of the organization. Owing to his vast educational background, Andrew has been able to provide visionary leadership that has seen more than 400,000 disadvantaged people benefit from their services.

The graduate of St. Edmund Hall in Oxford is the managing director of a renowned corporation, TowerBook Capital Partners. In addition, the success of WH Smith Plc. and The Gap, are anchored on Rolfe’s transformative leadership. This is because he has rendered his services as an executive in both of these companies.


The attitude towards the Wall Street has changed drastically after the technology-sector selloff which took place early June this year. What was a confident and arrogant attitude suggesting that the investors viewed the market as unstoppable has changed. Today there is a natural nervousness that has not been seen in a while. The change in attitude is a door opener for rough market during the summer period. During the summer months, the market has been stormy, only that the change in sentiments is likely to make the turbulence even greater. You can, however, take advantage of the choppy market environments using proactive strategies.  Check this for added info.

The strategies have been used time and again when the markets have been stormy. One of the strategies is called Lock and Walk. It has proven profitable in the past even though it does not guarantee future results. It has been designed to respect support and resistance in the Nasdaq 100 and to trade well in the ProShare UltraShort QID as well in the ProShare Ultra QLD, once the resistance and support levels are broken or tested. Simple rules govern this strategy, and with them, one can operate on their own. For instance, if the support brakes, then sell the QLD. If at all the support is tested by the QLD, your target should be resistance to selling. Once the resistance is tested by the QID, the target should be on support to sell. If the resistance breaks, the QID should be sold. With this rules, traders can be sure to make maximum profits.  More of this on

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The sentiments on Wall Street have completely changed after the technology selloff experienced at the beginning of the month. Currently. There is a degree of anxiety among investors unlike in the past when there used to be a rather arrogant attitude in such situations. The dramatic change in attitude will make the markets even more uneven. Although it’s not a rare phenomenon to experience such change of unusual environments during the low volume summer months, the market will become choppier with the change of sentiments.

The right strategy to use in such environment

I have been designing simpler strategies of reaping bigger profits in such uneven markets since 2000. Even though past positive results don’t directly guarantee similar outcomes in the future, one of the proactive strategies that have worked in choppy markets in the past is called ‘Lock and Walk’. The idea behind this approach is based on respecting support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, +0.26%. It can be deployed by trading the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID,-0.52% and ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, +0.45% once the support and resistance have been broken. By using these rules, you can do it all by yourself.

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When my team of officers is called in to combat gang violence on the streets, we know we are in for a very long go of it. These suspects have a deep network of people who not only hide fugitives, they protect one another like wild animals. Even if we know who we are hunting, they can hide in several safe houses without us ever being able to get close enough to arrest them.


One of the resources we use often to try and catch fugitives is informants. Whether it be family, friends, or strangers, it only takes that one phone call to help us to close the gap and arrest our suspects. The trouble when it comes to dealing with gangs is that no one is talking for fear their families will be in serious danger. That makes it very hard for me and my fellow officers to collect timely information that could lead to an arrest.


We have started to rely heaving on the inmate call monitoring system in the local jails that were installed by Securus Technologies. The system allows us to be able to listen to gang members in jail talking to their soldiers on the street, helping us to collect information we could have never gathered in the past. Now we get to see the inner workings of the gang and take action even faster.


This week we got several alerts that high-ranking gang members in jail were ordering soldiers to make some cash by robbing a local convenience store. They needed the money to buy drugs, then the drugs were to be brought to the jail to be sold by lower-ranking gang members. We were able to intercept the plan at several points and help take a few dangerous fugitives into custody as a result.


     Sawyer Howitt is one of many millennials who has taken his expertise and turned it into or applied it to a business. At the age of 17, he has been made a project manager at the Meriwether Group in Portland, which is a business development service. Sawyer possesses a keen sense of customer service operations and how they can interact with different company brands. With the Meriwether Group, Sawyer is exploring ways for businesses to adapt to ever-evolving technologies. The Group was founded by Sawyer’s father, David Howitt in 2004.

At 17, Sawyer is already very business-savvy and involved in some major philanthropic causes. These causes include fighting for women’s rights, running mentoring programs for youth, and leading an international studies group. During his spare time, he likes to fish, root for the Portland Trailblazers, and play racquetball.

Sawyer plans to attend the University of California Berkley to further his career as an entrepreneur. He plans to major in Entrepreneurial Finance. At Meriwether, he is learning from both his father and other executives at the company.

Before going to work for his father’s company, Sawyer worked in customer service at the KURE Juice Bar for three months in 2015. He then worked as a business strategy analyst for the innovative technology redesign in brick-and-mortar retail business, RFID Checkout for almost a year. He has been the project manager for Meriwhether for about six months as of July 2017.

Sawyer may not be a college student quite yet. However, his case proves that it is possible to start a career at a young age. He is also an example of what it truly means to be a leader at a young age as well.

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Holistic veterinarians mostly conclude that leaving grains out of dog food is usually optimal for the canine’s health. They explain that there is not much biological need for grains because grains are essentially carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a form of starch which turns into sugar when processed through the dog’s system. Dogs were created as carnivores that need meat. Beneful Grain Free dog food is developed to match the nutritional needs established by The Association of American Feed Control Officials for dog food nutrient outlines. Beneful uses farm raised chicken and is guaranteed to be complete and balanced with a taste dogs adore. Purina’s quality control management and safeguard policies are the highest standards in the animal food industry. They follow the most stringent guidelines in the making and production of Beneful Grain Free dog food.

Ingredients are ensured to surpass state and federal demands. Purina goes out of its way to deliver superior sustenance in their products. Over 30,000 examinations are performed within a 24 hour period to monitor consignment, receiving, manufacturing and ingredient assurance. No corn, wheat or gluten is added to the Beneful Grain Free food and is highlighted with wholesome fruits and vegetables with spinach, pumpkin and blueberries. Dogs love the real chicken taste and the combination of crunchy and tender! Dogs sometimes develop gastrointestinal upset, rashes and allergies to the grains that are put in their food. Beneful wants to make sure that they offer a safe and nutritious alternative that is delicious.

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In the year 2003, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage came to be a part of the 5 AM Venture Management LLC family, joining the company as a Venture Partner. He, later on, went ahead to become a Managing Partner in the year 2004 at 5 AM Venture Management LLC. Dr. Scott M. Rocklage has an excess of over 30 years in the healthcare management field and has earned himself great notability within these circles.

He has gained vast experience in his journey in his line of expertise and thanks to his strategic leadership responsibilities; he championed the approval of Cubicin, Omiscan, and Teslascan, which are three New Drug Applications, by the FDA. Dr. Scott has also brought some patients for the clinical trials of these treatments.

In addition to this, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage has also been the Acting CEO of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals Incorporated in May 2016 and later on in the same month picked up the CEO post at the same company which he later on left in July of the same year. Dr. Scott Rocklage also served as the CEO and President at Nycomed Salutar having also held different R&D posts at Catalytica as well as Salutar.

Before this, though, he had held the Board Chairman position at Novira, which was absorbed by Johnson and Johnson, as well as Relypsa, NASDAQ: RLYP. At the moment, Dr. Scott Rocklage has occupied the Board Chairman position at Kinestral, Rennovia and also Cidara, NASDAQ: CDTX.

He is also on the Boards of EPIRUS and Pulmatrix, NASDAQ: EPRS and NASDAQ: PULM, respectively. In his earlier ventures, he was the Exec Chairman at Ilypsa, bought by Amgen, Semprus, bought by Teleflex, and also Miikana, which was absorbed by EntreMed.

Scott attended the University of California where he attained a B.S in Chemistry and afterward went to MIT to acquire a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

It was during his time in MIT where he got to conduct his research in the laboratory of the 2005 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry known as Richard R. Schrock. Dr. Scott is also an inventor/co-inventor on more than 30 US patents and more than 100 peer-reviewed publications.

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The technology sector was booming in the previous month in the United States of America. All of a sudden, earlier this month the technology sector crashed down which had a great impact on the financial market industry as well. Previously, the investors of the financial market used to boast about their market to be an unstoppable one, but after the downfall of the technology sector, the scenario completely reversed. Currently, the investors are in a complete dilemma about whether to invest or not. This has, in turn, resulted in a significant amount of turbulence in the financial market industry. But, even in this condition of the financial market, one can make a profit with a strategy that is proactive in nature popularly known as the “Lock and Walk” strategy. This approach is dynamic in nature which changes according to the condition of the market that incorporates the risk controls along the way. The primary objective of the strategy is to make a profit irrespective of the direction of the market.  To read and learn more from NetPicks, click this important link.

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Tony Petrello is a career executive and businessman who has vast knowledge in the industry of energy. The alumnus of Harvard University advanced his studies at Yale University. He majored in mathematics and is now the chief executive officer of Nabors. Mr. Petrello has been serving at Nabors for over twenty-five years. He is prominent for holding management positions in the company. His appointment as the chief executive was confirmed in 1992 following his experiences. In 2003, Tony Petrello elected as the deputy chairman of the Nabors. He is also the president of the company.


Before joining Nabors Industries Ltd, Petrello was an active employee of Baker& McKenzie. This is a law firm. He worked as a managing partner. Petrello is not only an investor but also a philanthropist. He is a director at the Texas Children Hospital. He is also a director at Through his strong academic credentials has he landed several roles company. As a leader, Tony Petrello combines talent and expertise to deliver impeccable customer care. Following his experiences, he is highly paid in the industry.


Tony Petrello’s contribution to the geothermal industry is a force to reckon with. One of his schoolmates called Lloyd Grove explains Tony’s determination straight from school. He describes him as a mathematician who wrote about math on napkins. In college, Tony Petrello was an extrovert. He made fun of his classmates. According to his classmate, Petrello was determined to pass his exams. Mr. Petrello studious committed to education. In his response, Petrello stated that luck should not be taken for granted.


As an executive at Nabors, Petrello is not only an investor. He is also an active philanthropist. With his wife Cynthia, Petrello focuses on organizations that promote mental research and treatment. Anthony is one of the leading and successful executives who are highly paid in the world. Following his hard work and determination, he has achieved interpersonal skills that have contributed to the growth of his career.

He continues to exercise credibility as well as reliability in his management. His actions have played a significant role in guiding Nabors through its achievement of competitive market niche.

Since its establishment in 1972, JHSF Participacoes S.A. has grown into a dominant entity in the luxury real estate sector. The group boasts of an array of projects in commercial and residential incorporation, high-end hotels, international business airport and the development and administration of shopping centers. Additionally, JHSF is known for its ability to spot emerging opportunities in various markets where its operations exist.

The company’s DNA consists of various characteristics such as innovative, daring, quality, pioneering and the ability to present sustainable solutions in the company’s projects. JHSF operates under its four business units including hotels & restaurants Fasano, incorporations, malls and executive airport. Furthermore, most of the company’s operations are consolidated in various capitals like Salvador, Manaus and Sao Paulo.

JHSF has mimicked the mature real estate markets abroad by anticipating and redirecting its business focus towards the recurring income area. Recently, the company has devoted its focus on the implementation of projects, which feature the administration and development of the integrated urban development Catarina, hotels of high standard and shopping malls.

A Detailed Focus on Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto is one of the renowned business executives in Brazil. His prominence in the corporate circle is owed to the fact that he is the current chief executive officer and chairperson of JHSF Participacoes SA. JHSF is a well-established real estate company that focuses on the development of both residential and commercial properties in Brazil. As the CEO, Jose is tasked with the role of monitoring the interests of the company in public developments, hotels and office buildings. Additionally, he is behind the administering of the company’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio including the Bela Vista in Salvador, Metro Tucuruv and the Ponta Negra shopping center.

Jose Auriemo is acknowledged for overseeing JHSF’s first venture into the retail market. In fact, he led the company into signing partnership contracts with various top retail brands such as Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes. The brands opened their first outlets in one of JHSF’s shopping complexes, CidadeJardim shopping complex. Away from his career, Jose AuriemoNeto studied at the renowned Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University based in Sao Paulo.