Zeroing In on Opportunities in “White Spaces”: The Josh Verne Path To Success

What does a zero finance company aimed at individuals with limited access to bank credit have to do in common with an online media site aimed at young Millennials? They were both started by Josh Verne, the family businessman turned successful serial entrepreneur who saw the same kind of business opportunity in two drastically different […]

George Soros Has Remerged as a Leading Funder of Democratic Politics

The high strung George Sorosis done taking a break from politics. His hiatus from the realm of politics came as a surprise to the political world after being so deeply involved with political matters at hand. Especially during Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign. The 2004 presidential election was something that seemed to take strong precedence in […]

The New Gold Rush

It’s now been four months since the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. It was a momentous move that set social and economic tremors around the world. This decision made by the people of Britain will have effects on the whole of Europe as well as the United States. Gold has emerged as the currency […]