Western Union and EcoPayz PSI Pay Integration

According to a news article published on July 24, 2018 by Businesswire.com, Western Union teamed up with online money platform EcoPayz in early 2017 to unlock new growth. Western Union is an international money transfer company that services customers at thousands of locations worldwide including ATM’s, retail and grocery stores, banks and money kiosks. The […]

Surf Air Keeps Expanding As It Celebrates Five Years Of Flying

Surf Air started out of LAX airport five years ago. The charter flight company aimed to give the rich and famous the ability to get the most out of their weekends. The company started by flying to California-based destinations such as Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. But the company has come a really […]

Paul Mampilly Working with Everyday People

Steps to Financial Freedom Paul Mampilly, influential among the financial elite on Wall Street, has mastered the art of walking confidently in the world of finance. Paul Mampilly began his economic trek to Wall Street in 1991 after graduating from Fordham University. Soon after his graduation, he assumed his first position as a portfolio manager […]