Just like everywhere else in the world, Brazil’s financial markets are different than that of other countries’. Similarly, investors brave enough to traverse the international financial waters of Brazil should stay up to date on Brazilian news, current events, and general tips and strategies designed specifically for Brazil.

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Fortunately for investors, Igor Cornelsen has shared advice with prospective Brazilian investors that almost always ups their chances of returning profits. Here are four tips Igor Cornelsen has provided for public use, originally reported by PR Newswire in 2015.

Keep assets in reputable banks’ hands

While there are many different financial institutions across Brazil, Igor Cornelsen warns investors of not placing their money in untrusted banks. Rather, they should trust their money, securities, investments, and other assets in the hands of the nation’s top banks, even if they’re not thrilled about supporting them.

China’s market has many direct effects on Brazil’s

Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world, with China being the largest. More raw materials are imported from China by Brazil than anywhere else in the world. The two countries also regularly compete in exporting finished goods to Latin American countries.

Interactions between companies and organizations in the two countries can have profound effects on one another’s, meaning investors should stay in tune with financial literature.

Incoming finance ministers could stimulate Brazil’s economy

Past politicians haven’t exactly been beneficial for Brazil’s economic welfare. New politicians, particularly those in the position of finance minister, could mean big changes in the country’s financial markets, with Mr. Cornelsen urging investors to keep an eye on political changes.

The real isn’t worth much

The real, Brazil’s currency, isn’t worth as much as its price demands. Investors should stay away from the real and everything associated with it.

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