Securus Provides A Needed Service To Our Family

My own search for resources for my family led me to Securus for the first time. We have been caught in quite a bit of tension in our community that has resulted in arrests of family members and neighbors. We have been asked on several occasions to help make phone calls to prisons around our […]

Make FreedomPop Your Low-Cost Cell Phone Service Provider Of Choice

FreedomPop is leading the way in low-cost cell phone service, and even though many different service providers wish they could be as cutting edge as FreedomPop, none of them have moved towards lowering their prices. Many cell phone service providers are actually raising their prices on their cell phone service, which makes FreedomPop that much […]

The U.S. Money Reserve Gives Its Client A Reason To Invest In Precious Metals

The gold market veterans founded the U.S. Money Reserve after recognizing the need to have the expert market knowledge, offer top-notch customer service, and provide the trustworthy guidance necessary to purchase precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve is the largest distributors of Platinum, Gold, and Silver issued by the U.S. Government. The U.S. Mooney Reserve works […]

Glenn Beck Associates George Soros With The Nazis

Glenn Beck went on a dangerous campaign of asserting that George Soros is anti-Semitic. George Soros has heard disparaging remarks regarding his association with the Nazis. This way, Soros does not rise to the haters’ bait. Over the years, George has been told many distressing statements than Beck’s. Soros has seen different hate mongering statements […]

Securus Tries To Maintain Reputation of Industry

Securus, a prison information processing and communications company, has released a statement that they will start release information on Global Tel Link (GTL) and their integrity breaches. In a report by PR Newswire, this release of information is not about mudslinging their competition rather Securus wishes to maintain the integrity of the prison communications business. […]

Michael Zomber Is a Gun Collector

One of the world’s biggest experts on the subject of collecting antique guns is Michael Zomber. He has spent his entire life studying all of the various aspects of guns and their history. He has an extensive collection that most people who are involved in this hobby would like to possess. Zomber occasionally loans out […]

Making Your Name All It Can Be

How important is your name, and what are you willing to do to protect it? The digital age has allowed the transferring of information at a lightening fast rate of speed. It doesn’t matter how personal or how sensitive that information is it is available to anyone smart enough to retrieve it. With that being […]

Venezuela Is Being Brought Down By Its Socialist Regime

The reason why Venezuela is seeing skyrocketing inflation rates of up to 700% has largely to do with its political and economic system, socialism. Many an immigrant from this country to the west will tell you that socialism has brought Venezuela to its knees. Socialism as explained by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa took its root in […]

Whistle Blown on Major Financial Industry Player

The US Financial Regulation needed an overhaul, so the US Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. This established a whistleblower program which gives employment protections and financial incentives to people who report violations of the federal securities laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC is […]