The New Gold Rush

It’s now been four months since the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. It was a momentous move that set social and economic tremors around the world. This decision made by the people of Britain will have effects on the whole of Europe as well as the United States. Gold has emerged as the currency […]

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Is A Man On An Almost Impossible Investment Mission

  The news that China could be the catalyst for another major recession has been circulating through the investment industry for about four years. It is true that China is having trouble converting their manufacturing based economy into a consumer based economy like the economy of the United States. That isn’t an easy thing to […]

Securus Technologies Releases New Technology to Help Investigators

Securus, the leader in providing technology and communications solutions for correctional institutions nationwide has introduced a revolutionary new solution. Investigator Pro is a revolutionary new technology that can help investigators find criminals and other subjects of interest by identifying their voice.   This new technology has a wide range of applications for law enforcement personnel. […]

Why Adam Goldenberg is a Decisive Corporate Executive

Adam Goldenberg has had a spectacular rise to the top of the entrepreneurial world. This is a young man who captured the imagination of the world by coming up with ideas that have transformed people’s outlook towards entrepreneurship. Adam was already an established entrepreneur at age 13. His early success has catapulted him into greater […]