Paul Mampilly Helps Investors Find Innovative Growth Companies

Paul Mampilly has leveraged his education as a graduate of Fordham University to an extraordinary height. Ace hedge fund manager, winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing contest, financial television analyst, commentator, and a rising champion for ordinary investors who are often stymied by the seemingly random nature of the markets. Mampilly’s advisory services help […]

From a Consultant, Sheldon Lavin Rises to CEO of Global Food Supplier

For over 43 years, Sheldon Lavin has transformed OSI Group from a family owned company to a worldwide leader and supplier of food products. His efforts have seen the group operations extend in 17 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America having over 70 facilities between them. He is the CEO and […]

Felipe Montoro Jens and the PPP Industry

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is considered a specialist in framework projects. His educational background is substantial and aligns right in with the position he holds. Felipe Montoro Jens has earned an undergraduate degree while attending Getulio Vargas Foundation, and then he went on to earn a graduate degree as he attended Thunderbird School of Global […]

Bernardo Chua: A Pillar at Organo Gold Company

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold that was started in 2008. Bernardo is a well-known network-marketing executive globally. He designed the Organo Gold using vital ingredients for a business model in network marketing. Organo Gold Company is known for sales in premium products designed to enhance the lifestyle tea, coffee, and dietary supplement […]

The Big Bad Wolf Known As Tinder Battles Against Whitney Wolfe And Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is creating a very powerful dating network platform that also brings networking and friendship building into the picture. Right away most people are realizing that this is going to be the thing that sets her company, Bumble, apart from the immediate competition that is known as Tinder. As lawsuits go back and forth […]

Meet Ian King: The Cryptocurrency Genius

┬áTo be an advisor in some cases, you need to not only hear about something but have experienced and used it as well. Sometimes even exclusive researching and reading is not enough; the experience is crucial. This is why Banyan Hill had a tough time getting someone to write for their cryptocurrency column. They wanted […]