Growing up in an environment where education was valued enabled him to chase his dream. His father, another published author, and his mother, a well known architect, both encouraged him to excel in academics and they fostered a love of learning. His father modeled writing with his pursuit of becoming an author. Earlier in his career, he was an educator. He was also the youngest hire, at the age of 18, the Academy had ever had. He worked at a prep school that excelled in Literature. Carioca Literature Academy was for students that finished high school, but wanted to continue their educational journey at a higher level. This was just the place for authors to be encouraged to write. Jaime Garcia Dias fit in perfectly. As he continued at the Academy, he was promoted to Vice President. He pushed for writing reform to enhance the way writing was studied and taught. New, innovative ways were experimented with and tried to increase productivity and enlighten young new writers.

The Carioca Literature Academy is now the largest academy devoted to literature and writers. In 2001 with the completion of the book “Fell From Heaven”, Jaime Garcia Dias was awarded the White Crane Award. This sent his career into overdrive. With about 20 books published and many honorable awards to his credits, this renown Brazilian fiction writer is just getting started. With 20 books under his belt and no signs of slowing down, this Brazilian author is only getting started. Brazilians, as well as the world, are holding their breathe to see what comes next from this author. Check out Jaime’s Facebook page to continue following his up and coming writing career.

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