Napa Valley boasts of some of the best lands for growing grapes. This way, the valley has been producing some of the world’s best tasting wines. Thousands of tourists visit Napa every year. These visitors enjoy the beautiful sceneries offered by the vineyards and also taste the many brands of wines that the valley has to offer. By becoming a Traveling Vineyard Guide, one can enjoy more things than just delicious wine at the valley.

Travelling Vineyard Guide can enjoy a stroll over the Napa Art Walk. The stroll will take one through some of the best 3-D art created by the world’s most creative minds. The breathtaking sculptures are also available for sale. One is free to buy any piece that he or she likes. A portion of the purchase money is dedicated for purposes of funding future art shows.

In addition, an individual gets a unique opportunity to learn about the valley’s story. The valley’s 100-year history is recorded. It is made available to visitors on request. The Napa Valley Historical Society answer most of the burning questions that visitors have about the valley and people who first inhabited it.

By veering off the traditional tourists’ trail, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides get to enjoy the world’s best olive. A section of the valley, which is named the Round Pond Estate, is dedicated to growing Mediterranean olives. These plants are grown using traditional methods. Olive mill hosts guide visitors through the entire olive oil production processes.

Notably, Silverado Cooking School that is located at the Valley offers short-course cooking classes to tourists. At the school, food and drinks go together. Chef Malcolm de Sieyes is dedicated to training enthusiasts on various culinary skills starting from basic to advanced level.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is the producer of exclusive wines. The company has a strong network of independent wine guides, who provide the public with free and relaxed in-home wine tasting experience. The guides use the company’s delicious wines for such sessions. When a client loves the taste of a given wine brand, he or she can buy the bottle and enjoy it later with his or her friends and family. In addition, Traveling Vineyard provides extensive training to its wine guides and offer them with professional support. The company’s program has helped many wine lovers to establish successful careers as wine guides. Traveling Vineyard maintains an active social media presence through Twitter and Facebook accounts where they interact with their guides and clients.

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