Holistic veterinarians mostly conclude that leaving grains out of dog food is usually optimal for the canine’s health. They explain that there is not much biological need for grains because grains are essentially carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a form of starch which turns into sugar when processed through the dog’s system. Dogs were created as carnivores that need meat. Beneful Grain Free dog food is developed to match the nutritional needs established by The Association of American Feed Control Officials for dog food nutrient outlines. Beneful uses farm raised chicken and is guaranteed to be complete and balanced with a taste dogs adore. Purina’s quality control management and safeguard policies are the highest standards in the animal food industry. They follow the most stringent guidelines in the making and production of Beneful Grain Free dog food.

Ingredients are ensured to surpass state and federal demands. Purina goes out of its way to deliver superior sustenance in their products. Over 30,000 examinations are performed within a 24 hour period to monitor consignment, receiving, manufacturing and ingredient assurance. No corn, wheat or gluten is added to the Beneful Grain Free food and is highlighted with wholesome fruits and vegetables with spinach, pumpkin and blueberries. Dogs love the real chicken taste and the combination of crunchy and tender! Dogs sometimes develop gastrointestinal upset, rashes and allergies to the grains that are put in their food. Beneful wants to make sure that they offer a safe and nutritious alternative that is delicious.

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