It is becoming harder for regular and seasoned investors alike to make proper financial investment plays. With fluctuating world markets, and financial pundits and skeptics alike running wild in speculations, it’s difficult to find a truly safe harbor for one’s long-term investments. Since the financial crash of 2008, many have expected that the financial markets have not truly recovered in the fashion that the media would have people to believe. Many consider the warnings that a secondary shift in the world economy was soon to occur. Because of warnings like that, many investors have significantly reduced their risk, or stayed out of the market altogether.

LinkedIn tells that with continuing scrutiny by investors of investment houses and individual firms, many less seasoned individuals see very little chance for financial gain. Some have haphazardly decided to invest in gold or other supposedly stable commodities. But even hedges like these fluctuate in the face of the market overall. Many plays of this nature tend to lose money rather than create a hedge against loss.

But now laws have changed that allow investors in the lower and middle class to reap rewards with investment vehicles that match the opportunities of investors dealing with vehicles only relegated to the upper class. These guidelines defined by the Security and Exchange Commission specifically prevent individuals from investing in vehicles geared to individuals having at least $1 million to invest.

But individuals such as Brad Reifler, the CEO for Forefront Capital, have devised new ways for middle-class investors to partake of these high-end investment opportunities. Through new programs devised by his company, middle-class investors can partake in investment vehicles, beginning with just an initial investment of $2500. Reifler design these programs to give less seasoned investors the chance to partake in some of the same investments that larger, more sophisticated investors and corporations take advantage of.

Reifler has an extensive background in investing and serial entrepreneurship. He has worked in the financial sector for major companies, including Refco, as well as his own firm, Reifler Trading. Currently, he is a director with Sino Mercury Company, as well as Forefront Capital.

Options are needed in these times of uncertainty for investors in the middle-class. Thanks to innovations such as the ones presented by Forefront Capital, those with less understanding of intricate financial matters have the opportunity to invest in the same financial waters as those who have more substantial financial knowledge and backing.

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