Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most popular Brazilian rally drivers who is very respected in the field of motorsport. He competes in a team that he co-founded with his brother that is known as the Bull Sertoes. Rodrigo’s love for the cars started at a younger age where his hobby was fixing cars which continued into his adulthood. Also, while his father was an active sportsman in basketball, his younger brother Michel Terpins shares with him the same career in car racing. The excellence of sports ran in the family, a factor that made the Terpins name a popular name in the world of sports in Brazil.


Rodrigo’s Success in Car Racing


The Sertoes Rally competition is one of the most anticipated rally races in Brazil which is where Rodrigo mostly competes alongside with his navigator Bianchini Fabricio. The Sertoes 22nd edition was a very important race for Rodrigo as he scored high ranks in the Brazilian rally championships due to his excellent performance. The race covered a distance of 2600km that passed through two states while it was grouped into various stages. Moreover, Rodrigo and his partner came third in the T1 Prototype category and were placed eighth out of 38 contestants in the final rankings.


Further, Rodrigo Terpins heads the Brazilian Cross-Country Championships where he holds the chairman position. He rides the T-Rex car which is a V-8 engine model that was made by the MEM Sports Organization for the rough countryside terrain. The car was piloted by Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Terpins which led to their partnership in the race competitions. Again, the brothers have since made it to even higher ranks in the rally championships as teaming up made them even stronger where they have won in countless competitions. Check out his website



Rodrigo also heads a company which is known as the T5 Participacoes that is responsible for planning rally races in Brazil. He is a graduate of the University of Sail Hilaire in which he studied Business Management. Additionally, Rodrigo attributes his success as a culmination of hard work, determination, and passion which has seen him make it big in the industry. Besides, his father and brother are great sources of his motivation who always challenge him to aim even higher.

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