Brian Bonar has an impressive resume, starting with his education. He started at James Watt Technical College for a degree in Mechanical Engineering, then finished off his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University in 1985. Through his year in the professional workforce, Bonar has gained many skills, some of which include strategy, mergers and acquisitions, management, new business development, sales, start-ups, and marketing.

Brian Bonar has truly worked his way up through the years. His first job was at IBM as a Procurement Manager. He has held many titles since then, including Director of Engineering, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sales Manager, and impressively, the CEO and Founder of Bezier Systems where he launched the first SCSI based printer. Presently, Bonar is both the Chairman and CEO of Trucept and the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services.

Being responsible for the PEO at Trucept means offering a comprehensive suite of Human Resources to clients for recruiting services, or benefits administration. Trucept is a means of completing tasks for small and medium companies. The company aims to help businesses focus on the technical and business related aspects of themselves, while Trucept covers the rest. At Dalrada Financial Services, Bonar is in charge of Sales and Marketing and Insurance product relationships.

Not only does Bonar work in the financial field, he has also opened a bar at Bellamy and is working to open a ranch location for events. The bar in Escondido has created a place for people to relax and enjoy bistro foods from Europe.

While Bonar is a very successful professional, he does not let that get in the way of who he is on a personal level. Bonar is reported to enjoy golfing, boating trips, and just generally spend time with his family. He is the personification of the American dream.

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