Brian Torchin is a busy and successful man. He is best known as the CEO of HCRC Staffing, and he has seen great success both with this staffing and consulting agency and beyond. His primary focus is HCRC, which he founded and has headed up for more than a decade.

Media outlets have noticed Torchin and his company. CNN has had a number of stories on the CEO. In February of 2014, a CNN iReport ran the story “Brian Torchin: America’s Best Health Care Recruiter.” The following month, there was another story titled “Integrated for Success: Brian Torchin& HCRC Staffing.” Read more on Behance about Brian Torchin

Torchin’s educational background includes a B.S. in Exercise Science and a D.C. in chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. His work experience has been focused within healthcare industry-related positions. From 2000-2007, he served as Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management Inc. Since 2007, he has been in his position as CEO at HCRC Staffing.

In addition to being the CEO of HCRC, which specializes in staffing and consulting for medical and legal businesses, Torchin has authored a number of articles. He has shared these on his LinkedIn page. The articles are focused on various topics that tie in to his work with HCRC. Among the dozens of articles that he has shared on LinkedIn are “The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Employee Background Checks,” “Written Employment Contracts: Pros and Cons,” “The 5 Things That are Causing Employees to Burn Out,” “5 Staff Bonus Ideas To Benefit Your Business,” and “Avoid Employee Turnover: How to tell if you’re losing a Top Performer.” Visit SlideShare to know more.

Unsurprisingly, Torchin’s primary focus on Twitter is also his company. His tweets tend to encourage groups and companies that are looking for staffing solutions to contact HCRC for help. It was helping healthcare companies to tackle the difficult issue of staffing that drove Torchin to found HCRC Staffing in the first place.

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