Highland capital management is a Texas best company that deals with alternative investments and management globally. With a corporate office out of Dallas Texas, this private company manages and maintains a global footprint in several countries such as Singapore, England, as well as having an office in New York, New York. Currently Highland capital management is under the management of co-founder and President James Dondero. Mr. Dondero has over 30 years of credit and equity market experience. With this experience in the market. Mr. Dondero has helped pioneer several ventures within the investment industry. To add, Mr. Dondero has been involved with many reputable companies such has MGM and CCS Medical. This has given him the opportunity to be very philanthropic and has given large sums of money back to the community for issues such as education and veterans affairs. Highland as a company has donated over 10 million dollars to charities and help organizations to help not only their employees. But, the lives of people around the world.

In addition to being such a charitable company. Highland capital management has over $18.7 billion total assets as a company. Many of these assets are rooted in the healthcare industry. Recently, as of May 2017. Highland capital management and one if its affiliates Highland capital Korea has closed a healthcare based equity fund worth 147 million dollars in capital commitments. With several years of experience in the Healthcare industry and healthcare being Highlands largest industry exposure. Highland capital pounced on this opportunity in South Korea and found it advantageous for both parties. This deal hones in on the middle markets of healthcare in both the United States and the Asian sector giving more opportunity for healthcare providers. Highland capital is one of the most revered investment and hedge fund companies in the world and is making many strides in multiple industries.

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