Pet Food Recap

Its important as pet owners to purchase a healthy, high quality food for our animals. Non-processed, fresh and healthy options are becoming more and more prevalent in both specialty pet stores and grocery stores all across the country. Cheaper, room temperature, canned pet foods are becoming a thing of the past despite their affordability. In […]

The new Healthy Trend in Dog Food

There is a new trend happening in the world of pet foods. This trend is premium healthy foods on made with natural ingredients. This movement in the world of pet foods has been moving very swiftly as many pet owners are now looking for much healthier foods to feed their pets. There are more […]

The Origins of Purina PetCare

Purina PetCare is owned by the Nestle Corporation and is based in the United States out of St. Louis, Missouri. The company produces quality food and treats for both dogs and cats. This way, customers can shop with a brand they know and trust while taking care of your furry little friends. The company did […]