Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall; a Place for Fan and Leisure

The Manaira shopping mall provides a unique experience to all persons who visit. It has been designed with different features that will cater for the whole family. The mall was inaugurated in 1989. The interesting thing is that it took them two years for the entire building to be completed. The mall is owned Robert […]

Award Winning Writer: Jaime Garcia Dias

Born in Rio de Janeiro, this Brazilian author has pursued his love for writing since he was fifteen years old. Growing up in an environment where education was valued enabled him to chase his dream. His father, another published author, and his mother, a well known architect, both encouraged him to excel in academics and […]

Why should You Hire A Business Litigation Lawyer?

Are you a businessperson in Brazil or are planning to start a business in Brazil? Do you need proper legal guidance and advice in certain areas of your business? Maybe you are having a business dispute with another party. If any of the above applies to you, it’s absolutely necessary to hire a business lawyer […]