Securus Hits All Eight Points Of BBB’s Accreditation

It is unlikely that you have ever heard of one of the best telecommunications companies in the country. This telecommunication company recently received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and went out of its way to prove itself to the BBB for accreditation. In order to get accredited, the Better Business Bureau investigates […]

Securus Technologies Releases New Technology to Help Investigators

Securus, the leader in providing technology and communications solutions for correctional institutions nationwide has introduced a revolutionary new solution. Investigator Pro is a revolutionary new technology that can help investigators find criminals and other subjects of interest by identifying their voice.   This new technology has a wide range of applications for law enforcement personnel. […]

Securus Provides A Needed Service To Our Family

My own search for resources for my family led me to Securus for the first time. We have been caught in quite a bit of tension in our community that has resulted in arrests of family members and neighbors. We have been asked on several occasions to help make phone calls to prisons around our […]