Clayton Hutson is a profession business owner that designs, manages, and produces concerts for musicians. He was able to use his variety of skills to start his own company. He knew there would be an amount of risk involved going out on his own, but he thought it was the right time and so he did it. Luckily, Clayton succeeded and has worked for well known musicians as Kanye West, Garbage, OneRepublic, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and so many more.


One aspect of his success is the fact that he is constantly checking equipment to see if its working and that safety is a priority to his clients. Clayton Hutson is well prepared, fully organized, and has an eye for detail that shines like no other. Mr. Hutson is particularly excited about new technology that is coming out in the market that will turn a concert into a showstopper. This includes new audio, lighting, and so much more. When it comes to technology one device in particular has got Clayton happy as a peach, his iPhone. With this smart technology he has access to all of his client’s contact numbers and can manage his business no matter what his location is. Clayton Hutson writes down famour quotes to help inspire him and give him inspiration in hard moments. Some of these quotes come from people like Vince Lombardi and Thomas Jefferson, two individuals he finds inspiring. On that note he recommends “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff.” by Richard Carlson which has helped him not to stress as much when it comes to his job.


Live sound engineer and Production Manager Clayton Hutson had a business that caters to event organizers and musicians. He specializes in rigging, production design, stage management, logistics management, production management, is a monitor engineer, and a show producer. Originally from Glendale, California he is passionate about his hometown basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers.


Mr. Hutson is also a music producer and event manager who currently lives in New York City, also known as the big apple. At the Central Michigan University Clayton earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Design and Production Management. Wanting to further his education he attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Master of Arts degree in Business Administration. It has served him well ever since. In his free time Clayton Hutson collects hats from all over the world. Learn more:

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