According the company website (, Coriant was developed to provide innovative and dynamic networking solutions for businesses. Specializing in transport solutions, the company provides operators with resources to reduce operational complexity, improve resources, and optimize business demands in addition to optimizing functionality in the area of consumer technical applications.
Coriant operates in over 100 countries and contributes to billions of dollars in end-user service revenue. The company was founded on a combination of networks, including Nokia Siemens Networks, Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore. This powerful combination represents over 35 years of innovations in technology.
Former president and CEO Pat DiPietro will be stepping down to make way for Coriant’s new chief executive officer and chairman of the board, Shaygan Kheradpir. DiPietro was employed by Coriant in 2014 to assist with the integration of Tellabs. DiPietro stepping down indicates the completion of the integration phase and that Coriant is ready to move to the next step. DiPietro will remain in the capacity of vice chairman.
Kheradpir, formerly employed at GTE which became Verizon, worked in executive capacities and was responsible for technology. His executive team was responsible for major changes such as the implementation of FIOS, which returned a capital investment of more than $20 billion.
Kheradpir’s experience also includes working for Barclays as the chief of operations and as technology officer. He also served on the executive committee as a board member. In addition, he was employed by Jupiter Networks as CEO. During this time, he developed an operating plan for cutting cost and distributing the savings to shareholders.
Having worked closely with Coriant’s senior management team in his role as an advisor, the company feels Kheradpir will be a natural fit. His strength at Coriant includes 28 years experience in telecommunication, technology and finances. He brings the perspective from the operation side as well as the view of running large enterprises. Coriant’s expectations are that Kheradpir will bring the company to a new level of efficiency and innovation, service and operations. Coriant wants to ensure their customers will have the highest level of network solutions, programmability and service.

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