The economy is getting back on its feet and the Tractor Trailer’s are back on the road in record numbers. The drivers’ transport the goods from suppliers to wholesalers’ and retailer’s across the country throughout the day and night. These 60 thousand to 90 thousand pounds of destruction are rolling down the highway on 18 wheels and can cause immense damage when they hit your vehicle.

What is the Next Step?
* Calling 911 to report the accident and get a copy of the report.
* Notify Dan Newlin and Partners for assistance because you will need the best representation.
* Photograph all the damage to both vehicles and the people involved and the traffic signs, mileposts and the entire area.
* Don’t speak to any insurance investigators that represent the company of the tractor trailer.

The insurance company that is covering the Tractor Trailer that hit your car will immediately spring into action to investigate the cause of the accident. The experienced attorneys clearly understand the industry lingo of the insurance companies. The tractor trailer companies do not have what is known as ‘standard’ contracts.
There are many facets to the insurance contracts about who is liable for injury to the occupants of the vehicles.
* Is the driver using his personal cab to haul the trailer?
* Is the owner of the trailer insured for the contents and personal injury to the driver and other people involved in the accident?
* Is the driver working for a company that insures the driver, the contents of the trailer and damage to the trailer?
* Does the driver of the Tractor Trailer have personal insurance to cover accidents and injuries to the victims?

Dan Newlin has been personally acquainted with the law as a police officer in the city of Chicago, A Deputy Sheriff in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office with the Patrol, Fugitive, and Tourist Policing divisions. His thirst for knowledge led him to taking college courses at night earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He wasn’t satisfied and attended Florida Law school and was awarded his Law Degree.

He started his law pratice in 2001. Dan Newlin and Partners have been receiving awards such as, The Best Lawyers In America, The Top Trial Layers in America and the title of Super Lawyers and numerous others. These awards show how a firm can go above and beyond the call of duty. His firm has recovered more than a 150 million dollars for personal injury and accident victims. Dan Newlin and Partners stand firm behind their statement that you won’t be charged until they win your case.

Dan Newlin is the go-to-guy for handling tractor trailer accidents and other vehicles.
* You will be informed which insurance company is paying for your therapy, prescriptions, transportation to and from doctors’ appointments.
* Who is responsible for paying for your towing, storage and repair fees of your vehicle?
An accident is an accident, but being prepared is a virtue.
Their number should be written on your insurance card and policy and stored on your cell phone. Dan Newlin and Partners are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.