As Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom resigns from his highly esteemed position after a tenure of four years, one wonders what kind of legacy he leaves behind for his successors, and for Israeli-U.K. relations. The answer, as it turns out, is a legacy of prosperous relations and diplomatic success.

During his four years acting as Israeli Ambassador, trade between the United Kingdom and Israel was more than doubled. But more than increases in trade, Daniel Taub fostered cooperation between the two nations, significantly strengthening the cultural, academic and business ties between Israel and the United Kingdom.

His departure from the position will leave a void not easily filled, and with his successor still unannounced, it’s hard to tell whether or not Israel will succeed in finding an Ambassador as effective or with as active a role in the improvement of relations between the U.K. and Israel.

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills within the United Kingdom, Sajid Javid, recently addressed an audience on the topic at the recent British Israeli Business Awards, telling those assembled that the total trade between the nations of Israel and the United Kingdom have prospered under Daniel Taub’s tenure, entering a “golden era.”

It’s easy to see why he made this statement as well, as more than three hundred Israeli businesses have begun operating within the United Kingdom, and by Javid’s estimates, annual bilateral trade between the nations has increased to nearly $7 billion during Daniel Taub’s Ambassadorship.

Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom but later moved to Israel, where he entered into a diplomatic career, eventually becoming an Israeli Ambassador in 2011, and fostering positive relations with the United Kingdom.

Prior to this, he had traveled to Northern Ireland with his Palestinian counterpart as peace negotiators in order to gather information and learn from the present situation within the region, as well as aid in negotiations.

Before the largest student union within Britain had held a vote in order to adopt a complete boycott of Israel, Taub had said during an exclusive interview with the Jewish Chronicle, in 2012, that he had been “concerned about the atmosphere on some campuses.” Daniel Taub had issued warnings to administrators, pleading with them to make certain that “every view, including those supportive of Israel, can be expressed freely and without fear of intimidation.” Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Again in 2014, Daniel Taub fought against anti-Semitism by paying a short visit to the city of Bradford in the United Kingdom, shortly after Bradford’s representative to Parliament, who was, at the time, George Galloway, declared the city to be an “Israel-free zone.” This defiance had set a precedent for Taub’s dedication to improving relations and fostering cooperation during his tenure.

Regardless of what happens now that Daniel Taub is retiring from his position, he will leave a strong legacy behind, and will likely be remembered as one of the most successful Ambassadors between Israel and the United Kingdom in recent history.

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