David g. McDonald is a man with many feats. He is the current President and COO of a global food company, OSI Industries. David McDonald entered OSI Group three decades ago when he was fresh from college. David did his undergraduate at Iowa State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Over time, David McDonald grew his career to the current position he holds at OSI Industries. Another of David’s achievements is being named the Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. This post was as a result of Marfrig acquiring some of OSI’s processing plants in the year 2008. At the North American Meat Institute, David McDonald holds the advisory role of Chairman to the Board of the company.

What does OSI Industries do? OSI Group is a food value-addition company that originated from the US. The firm supplies restaurant, retail food chains, and institutions with processed vegetables, seafood, pizzas, meat, chicken, and dressings. One of the major developments at the company lately was the acquisition of two food processing companies, Baho Foods, and Flagship Europe. The two additions put OSI above other players in the food industry regarding size and product offerings.

David McDonald is confident that OSI Group is on track to record more profits given that its growth strategy is expanding its international operations and penetrating into the emerging markets. China is on the list as one of OSI’s most preferred foreign market. According to David McDonald, OSI Industries has done a lot to ensure that it serves the large clientele that is readily available in the Chinese market.

One of the strategies that have made OSI Industries to become a leader in the food market is the fact that OSI management teams pay close attention to the local cultures and taste preferences of the communities in which they operate.

OSI Group has recorded various milestones in the Chinese Market. During the 2008 Olympics held in China, the firm was privileged to be listed as one of the major food suppliers of the event. The company is one record to have supplied over 113 tons of processed food.

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