Desiree Perez always dreamt of being involved in the music and entertainment industry but not in the way that one might think. Instead she had no desire to actually be in the spotlight but to work behind the scenes. She achieved that dream in 2009 when she was named as the Chief Operating Officer of Jay-Z’s music, entertainment, and sports conglomerate Roc Nation. As COO, Desiree has been placed in the position of one of the most powerful executives in the industry.

Des, as called by her friends, finally got some recognition when she was named as one of the most powerful executives in the music world. While Perez will always make concerted efforts to stay away from the public eye she remains a steady presence at the top of Roc Nation. She has been the lead negotiator for a host of deals made by Roc Nation like Beyoncé and her Foundation Stadium deal. She was also a pivotal player in securing the massive deal made with the electronics maker on the behalf of Roc Nation client and global pop star Rihanna, and Des Perez on Facebook.

Desiree Perez began her career in the industry by managing many entertainment venues and night clubs in her native New York City. During her time in this role she was able to create many strong connections, both personal and business, of some of the industry’s most powerful players. One such relationship was with rap mogul Jay-Z with whom she ran his former company SC Enterprises prior to Roc Nation being created. Her dogged determination outmatches nearly all other music executives. It is this work ethic that earned her a Primetime Emmy award nomination in 2015. She is married to Juan who is also a Roc Nation executive as the President of Roc Nation Sports. That is the true definition of a power couple, and

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