Doe Deere is a colorful entrepreneur in a very literal sense. She has made bright color and fashions the platform for her highly successful makeup company called Lime Crime. She originally was from Russia but came to the country as a teenager to pursue her dreams in music and fashion. Once in the country, she hooked up with a band and that gave her a way to express herself in a very unconventional way. She used fashion and color to create an image. She was having trouble finding the colors of makeup that she needed in order to get the looks that she was after. She knew that she needed to create her own products if she could not find them. She eventually began selling her makeup on Ebay. She came up with the name Lime Crime as her Ebay store name. She also created a fan base for herself on Youtube by doing fun makeup tutorials. She admits that she needed more practice but that didn’t matter to her fans. They could not get enough of her videos.


Between the videos and the makeup, she was able to forge a name for herself and that prompted her to take the leap and create what is now a booming e-commerce. She created Lime Crime to exist mainly online but they have started to appear in brick and mortar stores all over the country. This makes getting their products faster a reality. Lime Crime has almost every shade of lipstick and eye color that you can imagine. Doe is constantly helping to create new looks and colors for her customers. She even tests the new products on herself first before releasing them to the public. Lime Crime cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan. They use only the highest quality ingredients in their products and ensure that they are dermatologist tested. Lime Crime takes pride in providing the very best cosmetic on the market that is socially responsible.


Doe is also a big advocate of female entrepreneurship and she is devoted to helping young women all across the country achieve their dreams. She mentors them in a variety of aspects to help them reach their goals of someday owning their own thriving business. Doe Deere says that she is truly living the dream and that she is honored to be able to do what she loves every day and hopes that others are able to do the same through hard work and dedication.

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