Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have quite a bit in common. The two businessmen began their careers as entrepreneurs at a very young age. Adam launched his first company when he was 15 years old. Three years later he sold it to a large corporation for millions of dollars. Gamers Alliance was his creation and it was the first glimpse at the type of creative vision that would lead Adam to great success as a CEO. Don Ressler showed similar qualities as a young man. He founded a startup known as Fitness Heaven and also sold it to Intermix, the same company that bought Adam Goldenberg’s company. They both became high-ranking executives at Intermix and realized that they had many of the same business goals. When Intermix sold to a large corporation, Don and Adam decided to venture out on their own. Their first business project was called JustFab.

JustFab was an unlikely project for two young men looking to build a startup company. The focus was on women’s fashion. However, Adam and Don’s business model was based on how the product was sold. They would team up with fashion experts to ensure that the quality of their product was attractive to the target market. They then focused on the process of selling the merchandise. JustFab is an online concept that allows consumers to browse the products online and purchase them at a discounted price. They are required to purchase a monthly membership in order to get the discount. However, it is not mandatory to be a member in order to make purchases. The JustFab concept quickly caught on. Adam and Don were forced to take on investment partners in order to ensuring that they had resources to meet the new demands. Josh Hannah was brought in to reinforce Justfab’s business structure. Josh fit in with the JustFab team very well. He brought innovative ideas and had a history of turning around struggling companies. JustFab soon became an international brand.

Fabletics followed as a new introduction to women’s fashion. It is an athletic clothing line that is also available online with a discounted price to those who are members of the website. Don and Adam teamed with actress Kate Hudson to promote the line. Sales grew rapidly. The team eventually decided to introduce retail store locations to balance out the availability of their new product. Retail store purchases are also documented in a member’s individual membership profile.

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