Being a pediatric surgeon is an honorable profession on its own. Using the skills and extensive training needed to become one for those who cannot afford or do not have access to such care is beyond honorable, it’s heroic. That is exactly was Dr. Saad Saad of Eatontown, New Jersey is doing.


Being a revered surgeon in the field of pediatrics has garnered Dr. Saad a lot of attention not only from those locally, but all around the world, including the Saudi Royal Family.


The renown surgeon has operated on numerous children, but most notable is his work with the PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund). After reaching out to Dr. Saad in 2002, he has operated on a 15 year old gun shot victim from the West Bank, a child born with internal organs on the outside of her body, and a young boy who was a soccer player, until a Gaza Strip bombing left his leg paralyzed.


The three children were flown to the US from the Middle East in desperate need of Dr. Saad’s help. Thanks to him, the three children have received the surgeries they needed, and are back home living life to its fullest.


Enamored with his work, the PCRF wanted to use him further, and in 2008 he flew to Tel Aviv, then drove on to the West Bank where he assisted the underprivileged and impoverished receive the medical attention they needed.


In addition to caring for patients himself, he also trained the local medical staff. After numerous trips to Palestine from 2008-2015, he rigorously guided the healthcare workers in performing surgeries and attaining good patient results. By the end of his last visit, the area staff was doing the medical care on their own, with Dr. Saad watching over them.


By teaching the Palestinian medical community how to care for the patients themselves, Dr. Saad has saved the government and patients a considerable amount of what the treatments would have otherwise cost.


For his humanitarian, and what some would call heroic, efforts Dr. Saad has received PCRF Humanitarian Award, as well as a humanitarian award from Governor of Ramallah, Ministry of Health. The good doctor even received a surprise visit from Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, who wanted to thank Dr. Saad personally during his last visit there in 2015.


Dr. Saad, MD, FAAP held practices in Eatontown and Forked River, New Jersey. He specialized in pediatric and general surgery, which he performed more than four decades. He has helped train many future doctors and, although retired now, he still endeavors to better the lives of children all across the globe. Learn more:

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