Since the early 90s, the experts at Netpicks have been at work providing cutting edge education for those seeking to make their fortunes in online trading. From the best plans for futures, stocks and option, this reputable online advisor has taken the time to educate the regular trader without much in the way of practical experience so they can achieve success in this complex market.

This article will illustrate the details of their signature “Lock and Walk” trading stratagem. This has been an especially popular and profitable trading approach when facing choppy markets in the past. Of course, it is difficult to expect the same results each time. But understanding the principles of the approach will help to shed more light on the complexities of market trading.

This particular trading plan is geared to respect both resistance and support levels in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, +144%. There is nothing especially complex about this process and by following a simple set of rules anyone with minimal experience in trading can effectively apply this strategy.

-If QLD tests the support, resistance can be targeted to sell.

-If the support is broken, the QLD should be sold.

-If QID tests the resistance, the support should be targeted to sell.

-If the resistance breaks, the QID should be sold.

As you can see the rules are pretty similar to what you see in regular technical analysis. Always buy close to the support and sell close to the resistance. But if the support has broken, this is the time to stop out. Learn more about NetPicks on this video clips on

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There is an important rule to observe when applying the “Lock and Walk” approach. If the strategy has acquired 67 basis points, it will then shut down and wait till the upcoming trading session before resuming operations. The goal is not to establish any long-term positions and this is what makes the “Lock and Walk” Ideal for the choppy summer season.  Click on for additional details.

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About NetPicks — founded in 1996, Netpicks provides a wealth of trading education and resources to the modern trader. Mark Soberman is the visionary behind this band of committed traders who are headquartered in Irving Texas. With a full staff of professionals and a wealth of combined experience, this is the one-stop-shop for traders on their way to the top. Visit their website here

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