The Head Of Business at Ellipse Technologies, Jon Urbana has been taking a different approach to life in recent years as he explores his creative, and artistic sides. Playing an important role in one of the most successful companies in recent times often leaves Urbana with little spare time, but he makes sure what little spare time he has is spent in the perfect way for improving his own life, and the lives of those in his local community.

Jon Urbana has been seeking to expand his creativity by taking areas of life he has been involved in already, and extending them to new areas of life. Urbana has shown this in his desire to extend his musical career to areas he would probably not have explored in his earlier life. Already known as a talented musician, the business executive has now looked to the world of electronic music, including a range of remixes and original video compositions.

Alongside the new direction in music Jon Urbana has taken he has also sought to extend his career as a talented photographer. Photograhy plays an important role in the social media accounts of Jon Urbana, but Urbana is also keen to explain the influences in Master of the Crowd and other music on Jon Urbana’s Tumblr blog.

Photography has been a growing area of interest for Jon Urbana after he embarked upon a new era of food photography that has seen his work praised by many of his social media followers.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

As a forward thinking person, Jon Urbana has looked to many of the latest developments of this digital age to publicize his interests, and share them with his many friends and family members. Social media is an active way for Jon Urbana to make business contacts and to keep in contact with those he loves and admires. Using a large number of different platforms means social media has become an important part of every aspect of the life of this well respected business executive.