Sometimes it seems as though the winter months can drag on forever. Having the chance to bundle up and drink something warm like hot chocolate is always nice but for many of us the months of overcast skies and cold weather can leave us longing for the warmth and clear blue skies of springtime and the summer. When the winter blues have got you down you can carry something that reminds you of the long days that you spent on the beach .

If you have been to your local drugstore then you have probably noticed the rows of brightly-colored balls next to the cash register. Oftentimes those small orbs were made by Evolution of Smooth (EOS) a skincare and beauty company that has been revolutionizing the way that people think about and use lip balm. EOS lip balm spheres are designed specifically to fit your needs. The lip balm’s quirky shape isn’t an accident. The product’s distinctive shape is meant to help you keep up with it so that you can find it when your lips need a quick shot of moisture.

One of the more popular flavors in Evolution of Smooth’s Organic Smooth Sphere line is the flavor Summer Fruit. The flavor is a scented ode to the sorts of fruits that flourish during the hottest time of year. The Summer Fruit flavor is a mix of the scents of blueberries, strawberries and peaches. In light of that there is little surprise that one customer who has tried the flavor said that it sparked their memories of the summer months. Those customers that are interested in the other fruit-themed flavors of organic products that EOS lip balm offers might like the brand’s Medicated Tangerine flavor. The Medicated Tangerine flavor gives your lips the moisture that its sister products are known for and it also leaves them with a soothing feeling. Get the products straight from,, EOS lip balms are also available on many different online sites, which includes eBay and Amazon.

How did EOS started? Learn the EOS history by read this article by Fast Company.

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