Eva Sarah Moskowitz has founded and is currently the chief executive officer of Success Academy Charter Schools, in addition to being the former council member for the city of upper east side in New York City.  She has many endeavors and business matters to run and tend to, as any hard working woman would. Eva Moskowitz has since recently focused her work on the private matters of public schooling followed through by the charter school movement.


Moreover, Eva Moskowitz has dabbled with the Harlem Education Fair and also oversees the Great Public Schools PAC, which is run by Students First located in New York City, as well as functioning with the New York City Charter School Center.


In addition to Eva Moskowitz’s schooling participation, she has also written a published book back in 2001. The book is titled In Therapy We Trust. Reported by a source, there are mainly three subjects covered in the book: how happiness is a high goal to be achieved, how dilemmas are caused by psychological issues, and how those psychological issues can be well treated. Furthermore, Eva Moskowitz has directed and produced a documentary that was released in 1997 that touched on women’s duties after World War II had taken place. Eva Moskowitz has also written, directed, and produced a VHS exclusive release titled Some Spirit in Me that was released in 1993.


In the mid 90s, Eva Moskowitz signed up for the Gifford Miller’s City Council campaign. She became Gifford Miller’s field director in the process. In the late 90s, Eva Moskowitz was formerly elected as a council member in New York City for the upper east side of Manhattan. Furthermore, Eva Moskowitz made a choice not to run again as a council member. Instead, Eva ran the race for the Democratic Party nomination to be elected as the Manhattan Borough President to over come C. Virginia Fields. In 2005, Eva Moskowitz promoted Bloomberg to be mayor of New York. Soon after, she released a statement stating that she planned on running for mayor of New York City. She believed she would have had a 70 to 80 percent chance of winning.


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