Fabletics is a name that stormed into the sky of the online fashion industry, particularly in the activewear segment. The brand that is generally known as the firm of Kate Hudson has created great success in the market which vast majority of the companies fail to succeed. Since it founded in the year 2013, the firm showcased an excellent growth and reached a business of $250 by 2016. The success story of Fabletics shows that the company clearly understood the new generation customer expectations better and delivered according to their requirements. Recent studies have shown that consumers are least believing the marketing campaigns of firms but giving greater trust to reviews posted by other users.


A recent study conducted by BrightLocal showed that nearly 85 percent of the people are ready to trust the reviews posted online in the same way they believe personal recommendations. It is also playing a major role in the decision of buying process of the customers, and product pages that are studded with customer reviews are found to be producing better sales compared to no-review products. Interestingly, the search engines are also using product reviews and customer ratings as critical factors in the page ranking. It meant that consumer reviews are one of the best tools to efficiently turn business.


This factor is identified and utilized by Fabletics since it was founded and taken many measures to improve the review numbers in all the major review platforms. Recently, the firm has amplified its efforts to add more reviews for its products online. Back in 2013, Kate and other co-founders spotted that there were no reasonably priced, high-quality, and stylish activewear brands in the industry. They decided to use the opportunity and established Fabletics keeping special attention on customer experience. They also put bets on technology to provide efficient and unflawed service to customers as well as in its operations.


Kate and team understood the importance of giving personalized product experience and redesigned the firm’s strategy focused on individualized products. For this purpose, Fabletics adopted Lifestyle Quiz option across its operations. It is a set of questionnaires that help the firm to collect the personal choices and other aspects of customers to serve them with personalized products. Every new customer who is queuing for the products of Fabletics has to complete the Quiz to get the products of their choice. People who wanted to get personalized products can visit the online store of the fashion brand and complete the Quiz to get their products.

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