On March 24 this year, the Inter-American Development Bank Governors held a special meeting that took place in the City of Mendoza, Argentina. This happened during a time Dyogo Oliveira backed up the rise of private investment backing infrastructure projects in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that Dyogo, who is the current Minister of Development and planning stressed the importance of the creation of a financial guarantee mechanism that is able to leverage private investments that are geared to infrastructure projects all across Latin America. Dyogo went on to propose to that IDB should market studies that give better solutions for managing project risks.

Luis Caputo, Argentina’s finance minister who doubles up as the chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors was in agreement with Dyogo concerning his proposal. Spain’s Secretary of State under the docket of Economy and Business aid, Garrido, reiterated that Brazil is Spain’s prioritized country when it came to Spanish Investments. According to Dyogo, the support of IDB and the need for new investments will be obligatory in the Industry 4.0 revolution, which according to him is on its way. View Ideamensch.com to learn more.

Felipe’s report said that the President of IDB, Luis Alberto Moreno cited the Latin America Challenge referred to the convergence of Infrastructure improved connectivity between different countries. Alberto further noted that, in the wake of IDB’s adoption of new social demands, IDB has fortified policies of gender equality and environmental sustainability during execution on projects undertaken.

Felipe Montoro Jens, in his report, emphasized that Mister Dyogo had indicated that Brazil has made a number of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for Public Works. Dyogo further went to note that the actions the Brazilian government had taken in matters to do with infrastructure and financing and development were I position with the preeminent practices of the countries in the same region. In a news portal centered on the Ministry of Development, Planning, and Management, there are around a thousand successful infrastructure PP projects, all of which were valued at $ 360 billion. According to the same Ministry, IDB loans issued to Brazil totaled to approximately $ 12.9 billion which is an increase of 20% when compared to the year 2016.

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