The former owner of the NBA franchise, Atlanta Hawks LLC has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The breach of contract is alleged to have been made against the former manager of the company Dan Ferry. The company which owned Hawks before AHBE has decided to include controlling partner Bruce Levenson in the suit. However, the current ownership of the Hawk’s team is not included in the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, AHBE asserts that it had been insured against losses resulting from employment practices under a certain policy. According to this policy, coverage was to be offered for workplace torts and wrongful termination among other practices. The current ownership at Hawks stated that they were aware of the lawsuit and that it did not touch on the current running of the company. They declined to comment on the particulars of the case.

About Bruce Levenson

According to ESPN, before the current Principal owner of Hawks, Tony Ressler took the helm; Bruce Levenson was the owner of the team. He had been at the helm for four years, and the historic sale happened in 2014. Levenson was born in Washington DC. His academic journey started there but his family later moved to Maryland. He attended the Washington College and later the American University School of Law. The Time at college is what encouraged his desire in the world of press. After college, his friend Ed Peskowitz and he started the UGC Corporation, a communications company.

The company, which was housed in their apartment building at first, became a huge success for them. After many years of investing in the corporation, he decided to branch out and invest in other sectors. He decided to but the Hawks Company. After four years at the helm of this company, he sold it at a huge profit, a deal that made it to the press. Bruce is a family man, and a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community.


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