DuratexEucatex has established that they are going to have a partnership amongst themselves. Eucatex will share an acreage in Capão Bonito in replacement of the manufacturing and production of lean stacks of lumber from Botucatu.

Duratex plans on remaining with the land and creating organic resources, right by the Duratex plant in Itapetinga.

The foundation of the company is around R $ 60 million. The aforementioned production line in Botucatu employs 280 people and achieves around 200 thousand m³ each year. Duratex is continuing with the manufacturing of its plant in Itapetinga. The re-integration will occur this month. Flavio Maluf, leader of Eucatex, released an address in regards to this recently.

He revealed the information to the business’s employees and managers from Botucatu regarding the contract. Flavio Maluf stated that the company will be awaiting judgment by official CADE authorizations. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.



Dear Fellow Employees,

Good afternoon,

I’m honored to disclose some information about a recent addition purchased from Duratex. The new addition is a wood fiber plant positioned in the town of Botucatu.

Using this addition, we’ll advance our manufacturing ability of fiber sheets by more than two-thirds. One-third of that being paint capacity and 40% being paper printing.

We’ll also be more equipped to deal with arrangements, and reduce our costs in the long-term.

Also, we’ll make our existence in areas where we aren’t presently working in Brazil and across the ocean more robust. This sale is accountable to official authorizations (CADE). So, we’ll be standing by for the green light.

In regards to future projects, we’ll start to gain the teamwork of all the organization’s units. A lot more job openings will come with the addition of this unit with Eucatex, making our current placement more favorable across the board.

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