FreedomPop is targeting new customers this holiday season as they are offering a slew of phone deals for people looking to give FreedomPop a try. FreedomPop is, of course, one of the leading ‘freemium’ mobile carriers on the marketplace. They made waves back in 2012 when they first announced their essentially free phone service. Since then the company has quickly grew thanks to multiple rounds of hefty investments and an outward expansion that now has the company crossing the ocean to debut in places like Asia and the United Kingdom. The focus for CEO Stephen Stokols and the rest of the crew will be a little bit closer to home as the holiday season rolls around.

Until November 27th the team at FreedomPop are offering two huge phone deals for new customers. The Motorola E smartphone will be available for just $40, a discount of $190, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for $100, a $350 discount. While FreedomPop won’t be selling brand new phones, the models that they sell customers will be factory refurbished and guaranteed to be completely function — ‘like new’. These phones will come with one free month of FreedomPop’s premium phone plan which will give customers unlimited talk and text to go along with an entire gig of mobile data.

FreedomPop has been recently gearing up toward a focus on physical phones in the last year or so. We’ve seen FreedomPop partner up with tech giant Intel in order to develop their own WiFi priority smart phone which will hit the shelves some time in 2016. For the longest time we’ve seen FreedomPop succeed without taking on any infrastructure, opting instead to outsource everything, and now that paradigm looks to be changing in a big way. Of course with an investment deal partnered up to the Axiata Group, a giant Asian phone carrier company, it looks like FreedomPop is finally fully in the drivers seat of their own destiny.

FreedomPop is aiming at a full launch in the United Kingdom by 2016 and their deal with Axiata should have the freemium carrier hitting Asian shores around the same time. Axiata Group has over 230 million customers spread across Southeast Asia and that market share should be huge for FreedomPop’s potential growth.


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