FreedomPop has quickly become a major player in the world of mobile phone service providers. It has been able to do this in three short years by offering customers the ability to receive free mobile phone plans. These mobile phone plans make it possible for anyone to to use their phone up to a certain point without paying a dime. Then, should they need more data or coverage for the month, they can pay a small amount and have all of that taken care of. To take the services the company provides to the next step, it is also now offering an incredible deal on on a Motorola Phone. This way, customers do not need to go out and purchase an expensive phone and bring it over to FreedomPop. Instead, the customers are able to simply purchase the phone for $50 and they are ready to access all of the perks of owning a smartphone.

The particular phone FreedomPop is going to offer on Facebook is the Moto E Second Generation. Plus, after purchasing the phone, customers receive a free month of services, so they can test out both the phone and the services from FreedomPop to see if they like what they are using. The free plan the customer receives is 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB for free. Should they want more, they can spring for a $10.99 plan that offers unlimited voice and text while a $19.99 plan offers unlimited everything and a gigabyte worth of data. Ultimately, it is an excellent way for customers to take advantage of the phone services and never need to pay for their cell phone services again.

On top of it all, the premium service ($19.99) is more than just the unlimited talk and text with a GB of data. It also brings visual voicemail, wireless tethering and data roller. So, for someone who pays for a GB and does not use it during that given month, the data can be used the following month without being charged again for it. This way, customers get exactly what they pay for.