FreedomPop that feisty mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) from Los Angeles is shaking up the cell phone industry again. This holiday season FreedomPop is offering a smart phone for only $40.00. That is a discount of $190.00 off the usual $230.00 price tag of the phone. Even better, if you are in the market for a Galaxy S4 by Samsung you can get one from FreedomPop for only $100.00. That is a whopping discount of $350.00 off the regular price of the S4, and FreedomPop is offering these phones with free month of unlimited service.

FreedomPop was born in 2012, and it has scored high with a recent Series B offering. The influx of fresh cash allowed FreedomPop to enter the market in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop is global now, and has over one million customers. Intel took notice of FreedomPop, and teamed up with the forward thinking MVNO to offer a special smart phone featuring its Sophia chip. Axiata an Asian based provider has jumped on board with FreedomPop too, and it is bringing with it a large infusion of cash to FreedomPop. Axiata is bringing FreedomPop’s business model and technology to its subscribers in Indonesia, India and Malaysia. Now millions of Asian subscribers are going to receive the same great free service that FreedomPop’s subscribers enjoy.

FreedomPop is growing so fast that its negotiating with hard infrastructure networks like Sprint in the USA and British Telecom in the United Kingdom for more services. In the UK, Three provides the bandwidth for FreedomPop, but a partnership with British Telecom, it will be able to reach more customers. Google is an MVNO too, but charges for their service. FreedomPop offers their services free of charge.

The reason FreedomPop is free is that unlike Sprint it has no hard infrastructure. Instead, FreedomPop rents bandwidth from Sprint, and it’s able to pass along the savings to its customers. It makes its money by charging for extra services. Each service costs between $3.00 and $7.00 a month, and FreedomPop says most customers buy about $7.00 worth of extra services each month. This enables them to keep the free services, and offer the fantastic discounts on those smart phones.

While receiving offers for buyout from the big name providers FreedomPop is challenging, FreedomPop has no intention of selling their company at the present. They aren’t ruling it out for the future, but for now, FreedomPop is going to continue to rock the roots of the cellular industry.