Since we all call this place home, we should all be using our gifts and skills to make this world into the utopia that we all know it could be. Every person I have ever met has a dream to make this world a better place. Now, to be honest, very few of them have the influence necessary to bring that change about. Those who do have the influence, however, are called movers and shakers. George Soros is a mover and shaker, and he has dedicated the rest of his life to aid in the spreading of the Democrat’s message.

George Soros uses his nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations, to help struggling democracies around the globe. He helps these struggling democracies by providing the funds necessary to create a stable government. In addition to that, he ensures that those in elected positions remain accountable to the people they serve. George Soros believes in this mission so strongly that he has given $18 billion of his own net worth to the Open Society Foundations to help this continue, and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros not only uses the Open Society Foundations abroad but also here at home in the United States of America. The first time the public saw this giving in action was during the 2004 presidential election. At this time, the Republicans controlled the White House since the American people elected George W. Bush. In George W. Bush’s first term, the president led us into two different wars. Not wanting to see this continue, George Soros financially backed John Kerry, who was the Democratic nominee. Putting his money where his mouth was, George Soros broke all records by giving $27 million, and more information click here.

John Kerry would go on to lose that election cycle, but George Soros would back a candidate who would win in 2008.

George Soros began by struggling with the decision to either back Barack Obama or his longtime friend Hillary Clinton. In the end, George Soros had to put ideals above friendship, and seeing Barack Obama win the hearts of the people; he decided to back the Senator from Illinois, and

Obama served for two terms as the president of the United States and implemented the liberal change that George Soros wanted to see.

George Soros would back Hillary Clinton financially in the 2016 election cycle. She was running against the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. George Soros and Donald Trump have never gotten along seeing each other as the antithesis of their deeply held ideals. Since Soros could not let Trump win, he gave the nearly bankrupt Democratic Party $25 million to continue and also gave several struggling Senators millions of dollars so that they could run successful campaigns, and

Though Donald Trump would go on to win the election, George Soros would put the fight to him at the grassroots level. George Soros greatly funded many super PACs who push for immigration rights, abortion rights, and women’s rights. He was behind the pink hat march after the inauguration.

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