As the presidential race heats up, ads are becoming more aggressive against candidates. In some cases, they are even ignoring reality to push a narrative.

As reported by Politifact, a new ad has targeted potential voters with a message that explicitly connects Ohio governor John Kasich to billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Apparently, the ad tells viewers that Soros has contributed to Kasich’s campaign with hundreds of thousands dollars.

The ad on first premiered in Wisconsin ahead of its Tuesday’s primary elections. It was released by Trusted Leadership, a super PAC that has been supporting Ted Cruz’s campaign for president. Despite the fact that George Soros on forbes has long been a supporter of Democratic candidates and has contributed to many campaigns, even donating to keep George W. Bush from seeking reelection, Trusted Leadership claims that he’s suddenly changed political interests without explanation.

Furthermore, according to Tom Sutton, a Baldwin Wallace University professor, pointed out that there’s no evidence to corroborate these claims, which suggests George Soros is somehow donating to Kasich’s campaign in secret, which goes against his donating practices of the past, all of which are publicly disclosed. Not to mention the amount Soros is accused of donating to Kasich is significantly less than that of other donors, but it’s in that list of donors that a link may be found.

New Day for America on, the super PAC supporting John Kasich’s campaign for president, has received donations from two individuals, Scott Bessent, the former Chief Investment Officer of the Soros Fund Management, and Stanley Druckenmiller, a Soros asset manager for 12 years. Both Bessent and Druckenmillerhave given hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of Kasich, and act as a connection to Soros despite not having a known professional link to the billionaire in years.

This does not mean George Soros hasn’t been financially involved in campaigns this year. In fact, Soros has given $7 million to Priorities USA Action, $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century and $25,000 to Ready PAC, all organizations that support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. This is boost to Clinton’s chances in the election, as Soros’ campaign financing is well known, but also because his inclusion is seen as such benefit to her chances. For these reasons it would be in Kasich’s interest to have Soros’ inclusion if he expects to win.

New Day For America, unlike the PACs supporting Clinton, are in a bit of financial trouble. With only $10 million in contributions, they’ve made more than $14 million in expenses. This does not suggest the involvement of one of the most politically involved billionaires in the country, and it’s actually been disavowed by New Day For America themselves. The PACs spokeswoman, Connie Wehrkamp, has publicly denied the connection as suggested in the ad and has demanded that these “misleading and deceptive claims” be taken off the air.