Glenn Beck went on a dangerous campaign of asserting that George Soros is anti-Semitic. George Soros has heard disparaging remarks regarding his association with the Nazis. This way, Soros does not rise to the haters’ bait. Over the years, George has been told many distressing statements than Beck’s. Soros has seen different hate mongering statements ranging from fascism to communism.

In his recent onslaught against George Soros, Glenn paints him as a Nazi tool because he survived the most violent Holocaust in Europe. In the summer and fall of 1944, the Holocaust was most prevalent in Hungary under Adolf Eichmann’s leadership. As a well-oiled machine, Adolf had to work quickly in order to finish his task of eliminating the remaining Jewish community. During this period, everyone knew that the war had ended. However, Eichmann was certain that he would be the man to finish the task in Hungary. Throughout the Holocaust, only the resourceful families and the luckiest survived the ordeal.

As a 14 year old, George Soros served was a messenger. He worked for the Budapest Jewish Council. The Council comprised of terrified and aged elders whose belief was anchored on keeping the Jews in the city calm besides following all commands of the Gestapo in order to survive. The young Soros was regularly sent by his father to tell the Jews to avail themselves at different collection points in the city. The law-abiding citizens managed to survive Eichmann’s barbaric campaign through deception, bribery and assuming false identities.

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Glenn Beck’s smear campaign against Soros is laughable because Glenn forgets that Soros played an instrumental role in stopping communism. According to Beck, George is powerful because of his ability to bring down governments. In 1984, Soros established the Open Society Foundation’s office in Budapest. This society gained popularity across the Soviet Union.

Recently, Glenn Beck drew from a tradition of anti-Semitic attacks when he accused George Soros of running a shadow government. He asserted that the aim of Soros’s government is to bring destruction to the political system of the United States. The Fox news commentator asserted that most deranged people, governments and movements quotes anti-Semitism as the objective of their activities. For instance, in his political program, Hitler focused on attacking the Jewish people.

In Glenn’s presentation, The Puppet Master, he uses a malevolent force that controls history. As the background music is playing, a voice is heard saying, “Eighty years ago, George Soros was born.” The voice continues to assert that little did the world know that economies of the world would collapse, currencies be rendered worthless, elections stolen and governments fall.” The voice concludes by asserting that one billionaire would be at the middle of it all. The show goes ahead to accuse Soros of having created a shadow government by asserting that he has created similar organizations as the Open Societies in different countries.

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