The recruitment industry is a sector where innovation and high level of professional excellence are mandatory. While a majority of the players in the industry miss either of those or both together, only a few recruitment firms go above the industrial trends. They are also focused on the diverse needs of companies in different industries and work on solutions that can satisfy the needs of each company. Every company needs the best talent to be hired into their workforce, and the recruitment firms that can provide it get continued business from those firms. In that sense, GoBuyside is a recruitment platform that made a difference in supplying the best talents to its clients.

The New York-based firm specializes some of the toughest areas of the industry to fill the vacancies. It includes advisory firms, hedge funds, investment specialists, private equity firms, and more. The company has expertise in serving various demographics, and a significant percentage of its clients are in the Fortune 500 list. GoBuyside provides an unparalleled service to all its clients by using technology, professionalism, and its own set standards. It is known for providing the best sourcing and screening services to its clients. The professional expertise of its employees and its ability to make excellent relationships with various companies make it one of the most eligible firms in the sector.

Today, the company serves more than 500 top players in various industries, and its talent network has gone beyond 10,000 firms. Also, it has the network in almost 500 cities around the globe and bringing a common pool of candidates for international players in each sector. The recruitment platform has the network in all the major economies including the United States, Canada, U.K., Brazil, Mexico, Germany, UAE, India, China, Singapore, and more. Such a wider network helped GoBuyside to fill as much as 2,000 client positions in almost 16 countries.

While coming to the platform, it is creating an amazing meeting point for talented professionals and global corporations to meet each other and shake the hand. Interestingly, it created a suit for tailoring right talents to make them available for various consulting engagements. This option helps businesses to access human resource to meet their on-demand needs. The firm watches the industrial trends and tries to reflect the same in the service offerings to both clients and candidates. It acts as the right platform for the candidates to land on the right job without much networking or search process.

The recruitment platform was founded in 2010, and its professional excellence and continuous improvement in service standards helped it to expand to newer areas and demographics. The firm brings the latest of the industry to the candidates and employers through its social media platforms in an attempt to make them updated.

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