Greg Hague is a Scottsdale Arizona based entrepreneur, law professor and attorney that has been active in the real estate industry for over 35 years. He has opened many successful firms in the process. According him, the process of selling homes has remained the same in the past 75 years. Hague also adds that it is ridiculous that the strategies used to sale Amazon/Apple products are not used to sell houses.

He notes that home sellers lose 3% to 8% due to the current inefficiency in home prices. Hague views the traditional way of selling homes as hope marketing. This is because homes are thrown into the market as a grocer tosses a loaf of bread on to the shelf. Hague argues that the process of launching an iPhone worth $500 is more sophisticated compared to placing a $500,000 house on the market.

However, Hague has a plan to change things with his newest venture, Real Estate Mavericks, which is a real estate coaching company. He has created a 22 step Home Launch Formula as well a 29-day fast sale strategy as the initial steps to provide a better direction. The first step of the program is to create excitement and demand before front loading the home marketing effort. The program is designed to produce a rush of buyers instantly after a home has been listed.

One of the initial steps of the formula is anticipation building. This is made prior to a yard sign being erected and the home being submitted to the MLS. In that period, the seller designs the seller motivation story to generate curiosity and drive up demand. The seller then follows that with a customized showing to buyers that are likely to offer more in payment due to fear of losing the house because of inaction. According to Hague, buyers will most likely purchase properties that are not yet in the market.

Hague teaches real estate agents not to hurry to place a yard sign or enter the home into MLS when they list a home for sale. They should instead send a private message to other sales agents around to inform them that a great property is soon coming to the market. This situation encourages agents to call their buyers to check out the home before it is offered to the public. According to Hague, buyers are likely to pay more if they like a home after having a private access to it. He does not like the MLS procedures of disclosing to buyers the days a property has stayed in the market.

Hague holds a bachelors of Science degree from the Miami University. He attained his Juris Doctor degree from the American University Washington College of Law. Hague received his first license to practice law at the age of 26 in 1974. He was licensed to operate in the real estate at the age of 18.

Hague begun his career with the real estate business owned by his family called Hague Realtors, a leading brokerage firm in Cincinnati. He established his first company in 1978. The company was called Heritage House Real Estate. Apart from his real estate ventures, Hague is an author and has been published by the Arizona State Bar’s Real Estate Journal. He wrote a book in 2013 titled, How Fathers Change Lives, which was featured in the Investors Daily

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