I was raised on my family’s dairy farm in upstate New York. Some of my best memories are of helping our parents milk the cows. We were up by 5am every morning to herd the cows into the milking stalls. Thankfully, we had automatic milking machines that we hooked up to the cows. After the milking, my dad gathered the huge barrels of milk to put into the pasteurization vat.

We also maintained a nice flock of chickens. After helping with the cows, my brothers and I would go into the chicken coop to gather eggs for breakfast. Often times, the hens were not very happy about giving up their treasures and gave us an impatient peck. There is nothing like a homemade breakfast made from the bounties of the farm.

I think that my family was a little disappointed that I did not stay in the family dairy business. My older brothers built homes and are raising their families on the farm. They have expanded the dairy and work with my parents. I was the only girl my parents had and I just yearned for a different life. I loved the things that living the country offered; however, I wanted my chance in the big city.

While I was in college, I took a culinary course as an elective and was officially hooked. After that class, I changed my major and pursued my degree in culinary art. I always had fun helping my mother in the kitchen and cooking skills seemed to come naturally to me. When I graduated, I moved to New York City and studied with some of the greatest chefs on the East coast.

I worked hard in several restaurants and honed my skills as a chef. The hours were grueling and the work was hard; but I knew that I was going to succeed. After five years of saving my money and working for other people, a business partner and I started our own restaurant. I grew up on the farm and know how important it is to use the freshest ingredients. Our customers love that we only use organic ingredients that are sourced locally. On the side, we do private catering for individuals and companies.

My family is thrilled with my success. Even though they were a bit disappointed that I did not stay with the family business, they know that I have found my niche. Many of my recipes were inspired by my mother’s homemade dishes. They are proud that my restaurant embodies the farm-to-table concept.

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