Heads Propaganda is an advertising company that is located in Brazil. It was founded in the year 1989.The company is one of the largest Brazilian advertising business. The company mission is to create advertising that is felt with passion, and it gives individuals inspirations. Every advertisement that they do is full of originality. They make it their missions to create ads that are original because they know that help to build a better business relationships with their clients or agency.

There is no advertisement that the company has not done. They have created ads for TV, digital, radio, print, design and much more. Many of the enterprise ads are joyful and playful. That was no mistake. When the company first begun, they felt like the world was feel with darkness. They wanted to bring some much need cheer into the world. Their creative advertisements had two big media groups looking their way. The media groups was the Young & Rubican and the Total Group Fisher America. They stood with these group for quite some time, but they decided to branch out and do their own thing. That is how the company came to be. They strive to ensure that they give out the best customer service and that their clients are 100% satisfy with their results.

Throughout the years, that had received many awards for their advertisements. Some of those awards include Cannes, New York Festival, Wave Festival, and Festival International to name a few. The company success has a lot to do with the founder and CEO Cláudio Loureiro.In his young years, he studies law at University Pontificia at Parana. He had begun to win awards in his early years in his career. In the year 1997, he won the Colunistas Award for being the best advertising professional for that year.He keeps his company afloat by keeping up with what is on trend in the advertisement world. He also is not afraid to try new ideas and do things that other people might think is too risky.He is a huge believer that if you do not take a risk, then how can you truly become successful.

He is a genius and his ideas for the company always seem to work out.His company started on a dream and because he was not afraid to take chances, he have created success for himself and his team. He is an innovator and is one of the best advertisers worldwide.