Ever since its establishment in 1909, the OSI Group has not experienced as much growth as it has under the leadership of David McDonald. Serving as the COO and President of the group, David attributes success of company to its commitment to its customers. For OSI, it is all about meeting the customers’ needs, and as such, they always come first. Everything else is secondary, and this commitment coupled with its vision for growth is what has seen the company grow into a leading global brand in food processing industry.

Success as a global brand

Operating in different countries, especially in an industry like the food processing industry, mean you have to learn about the local cultures and customize the different operations to meet the people’s unique needs. David McDonald learnt this early in his career and has always strived to ensure that he makes working conditions conducive for the regional managers. He gives them the leeway to lead their branches as they see best as opposed to breathing down their necks and trying to control every single aspect of business.

OSI currently has more than 65 operations in various countries in America, Europe and Asia. In China alone, the company has more than 8 operations and continues to invest more in the operations in the country because of the high potential for growth. David McDonald has managed to keep the company’s more than 20,000 employees all happy and satisfied since they are all valued and appreciated for their contribution to OSI’s success.


When David is not busy running OSI, he enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering at a church in Wheaton. He also contributes to a scholarship fund at the Iowa State University where he went to school. In fact, he received an award from the university in 2004 for his great commitment to alumni association.


David McDonald has made a great contribution to OSI and the global food processing industry as a whole. He continues to aspire to the company’s vision for growth and under his leadership, OSI continues expanding and improving its operations to meet the growing demand for its products. David’s philosophy on life is that there is no limit to what can be achieved and this is how he remains unstoppable in his pursuit of success.

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