Instant Alliance is a staffing and recruiting company which is located in Chicago, Il. Founding the company in 2001, Rona Borre serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Her company specializes in providing staffing solutions for companies in the technology and financial industries. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona which is where she earned her business degree.

As the leader of a prominent woman-owned company and nationally recognized recruiting expert, Rona Borre has been sought out to appear on news channels across the nation. She has been on CNBC, CNN, and CBS 2 Chicago. She has also been featured in news articles including USA Today. The Business Ledger named her as an Influential Woman in Business. Another award she has won is having Enterprising Women magazine named her as the Enterprising Woman of the Year. To learn more about Borre and her work, hit on

When Rona graduated from college she started working in the staffing industry. She quickly developed her talents as a recruiter who could match her clients to job opportunities throughout Chicago. However, when she was 25 the company she was working for was bought by an international company that proceeded to completely change the culture of the company for the worse. She chose to leave the company however on the way out she had to sign a non-compete clause that precluded her from working with any of her existing customers.  Check on for additional article.

In 2001 companies were laying a lot of people off. Some of Rona’s former clients remembered her and the great job she had performed getting them jobs. This led to a number of them putting their laid off friends in contact with her which helped her launch her own staffing company. Also helping her was that she had great relationships with the companies she placed recruits and they were also eager to work with her.

Over her years as a business owner, Rona Borre has learned that the best way to build her agency is by building talent internally. She has tried to hire outside salespeople from larger firms but she has said that they struggled at her firm because her company didn’t have quite the name recognition as where they had previously worked.

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