How to Achieve Goals in Life

Achieving the goals that one has set in life can be a daunting exercise. The experience can become more challenging when one does not have the support of other people. Accordingly, there is a need to come up with ingenious ways to win over other people and achieve the goals with much ease. In an attempt to win others, most people make more or less the same mistakes. In the though process of most people, criticizing others is the best way to achieve the goal. However, philosophy has revealed that criticizing others is not a good approach to winning them over for various reasons.

Why Criticizing Other People Fail

First and foremost, criticizing others is likely to arouse feelings of resentment in such people. Secondly, such people are likely to resist any form of changes when they have been criticized. According to psychology, criticism is analogous to homing pigeons. This is because it has some way of coming back to the one who is issuing them. The ego of the person who is being criticized is likely to be offended.

The belief systems of such people are also likely to be unsettled when they have been criticized. The pride of such people is likely to be affected in a negative manner when they have been criticized. Accordingly, the best way to win over such people is by convincing them. One can commence by convincing such people how a certain cause of action is likely to benefit them. When people think that they have something to gain, they are likely to act in a certain way.

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