It was a meeting that was held in Argentina in a city called Mendoza. The report is from the Felipe Montoro Jens who is the infrastructural project expert in Brazil. It was a special meeting that was attended and report discussed by Felipe Montoro Jens. The planning, Development & Management of the bank minister, DyogoOliveria was in the meeting. He defended the infrastructure projects of the private investment which are increasing in the country, Brazil. He also stressed that there is an importance of creating the mechanism with finance guaranteed which will have the abilities to leverage the private investments of the Latin America infrastructural projects.

Dyogo was proposing that the bank should be promoting education sector so that it can be able to point out more efficient solutions for the risk management project. It will be able to also leverage the region’s private investments. He also talked about the way they will require new investments within the countries and IDB should be there to support them. This is to be able to face the 4.0 industrial revolution that is coming. In early time, the challenges came from providing sanitation water and road infrastructure, but they will be required to consider modern infrastructure too so that they can be able to promote the coming fourth industrial revolution. Read more about Jens at

Minister Oliveira also pinpointed out that there have been several Public-Private Partnership(PPPs) with the Brazilian government the help of public works. There have been well alignment of actions taken by the government of Brazil regarding the area infrastructure and development financing. It is the best practice for the regional countries. In the ministries news portal, the PPPs are up in the Caribbean and Latin America. In over a decade, they have put about 1000 infrastructure projects that have a value of $ 360 billion. Despite that historic gain, the minister said that most of those projects have the inability to mobilize the private capital.

In accordance with the planning, Development and Management minister, Dyogo Oliveira, in a previous year, the bank had given Brazil nation a loan that totals about $ 12.9 United States Billion. It was an addition of 20 percent from the year 2016.






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