Igor Cornelsen is well-known for his advice and experience in the investment industries, and in the financial markets of his home country of Brazil. With Igor being a native to Brazil, he has observed, learned, and developed strategies that work in his countries financial market over many decades and has become extremely successful doing so. It came as no surprise to Igor when the Brazilian stock market collapsed and thankfully Mr. Cornelsen managed to keep his client’s investments secure. Igor claims that knowing the ins and outs of your country and how it operates is one of the fundamental keys to making proper investments. Read this article at affiliatedork.com about Igor Cornelsen

Before Igor Cornelsen stepped away from the banking industry he was employed at one of the top banks in Brazil. While working his way up the ladder to hold one of the highest positions available at the branch, he established relationships with very important bank consultants throughout many years. Igor made his way up to being on various banks advisory boards as well. Even clients from outside Brazil have depended on Igor greatly because of his vast knowledge of Brazil’s markets. Not long after his accomplishments in banking, investing became Igor’s main focus, which eventually led to his departure from the banking industry.

Burger King is a very well established fast food franchise all over the world, and even this giant came to Mr. Cornelsen for his investment ideas to help them increase their annual revenue. At Igor’s home away from home, also known as his Florida residence, Igor Cornelsen founded the company Bainbridge Investments. His company gives advice on the financial and investment industries to help individuals with their short and long-term investments. Read more Igor Cornelsen at About.me

Igor Cornelsen is now semi-retired and occasionally bounces back and forth between his home in Brazil and Florida where he regularly practices his hobby, golf. When Igor isn’t golfing alongside his co-workers or friends, he’s managing his investments as well as client information and investments. Learn more:  https://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/


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